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“Call of Duty: War Zone” Season 3 Update Brings Verdansk to 1984

call of duty

The third season of “Call of Duty” begins now. Series publisher Activision counts the update as the series’s “most ambitious free content offering” to date, and there may be some claims. In the “Black Ops” Cold War multiplayer game, fans will find two new 12 player maps called Yamantau and Diesel, which can be checked out now, and the updated version of Standoff of “Black Ops 2” will also be available It will be launched later this season.

The update also adds four new operators-including everyone’s favorite COD character, Captain Price-and some other weapons. Fans of the explosive mode of this game can look forward to a new area and more vehicles.

call of duty
call of duty

But so far, the biggest change is Warzone, the independent battle royale product of Call of Duty. After several in-game incidents, a nuclear bomb destroyed Verdansk and finally reached its apex, the map went back to 1984.

Developer Raven Software adjusted almost every element of the map, including most buildings, surfaces, and objects, to adapt it to the new theme.

Of course, this means that Warzone players need to download a lot, the latest patch is about 25GB. You can read the full details of the products available after the end of season 3 on the official website of “Call of Duty”.

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