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Bumble won’t let you share pictures of bikinis and bras


Internet companies often adopt vague policies when it comes to sex, and they obviously apply to date apps like Bumble.

BuzzFeed News reported that due to a policy that prohibits indoor swimming and taking photos of underwear, Bumble took pictures of artist Cali Rockowitz wearing a bra. Obviously, as long as the camera is “outside”, a bikini top or shirtless appearance is fine. No, you cannot edit photos to fake outdoor photos.

A spokesperson told BuzzFeed that the policy took effect in 2016 after receiving complaints from users and research. Bumble said that the shirtless bathroom selfie was “the most waved” and severely cracked down on the affected swimsuits and underwear. Outdoor shooting is allowed because they reflect the “natural environment” of the bikini.


Rockowitz believes that this policy is weird for dating apps, especially apps designed to “empower women.” Users also noticed the inconsistency that men post indoor selfies, so why don’t women have bras and swimwear?

This suggests that Bumble and other dating apps may want newer (or at least clearer) strategies, even if there are only occasional exceptions.

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