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Bose earbuds keep you safe and won’t seal your ears

Bose EarBuds

Bose Sport open earplugs are quite different from the company’s typical noise reduction products. These open earphones are placed gently above the ridge of the ear to let in outside noise. Some listeners may think this is counter-intuitive, but for outdoor athletes, it is necessary to pay attention to the surrounding environment.

These true wireless earbuds do not use bone conduction technology provided by the popular audio company Aftershokz.

Instead, the driver will emit sound directly from the earbuds, and then the waves will enter your ear canal. Bose promises that even if the volume output is high, the audio playback will only be heard by the audience.

Bose EarBuds

As indicated by the IPX4 rating, these open earplugs are waterproof. Each ear hook fixes the earpiece in place so that it fits tightly to the back of the ear.

Just like Bose Sport earbuds and Bose QuietComfort earbuds, Sport Open earbuds use Bluetooth 5.1 firmware.

Each earbud has a button for playback control and voice assistant access. You can also control the headset through the Bose Music app.

Bose Sport open earplugs can be pre-ordered in the United States and retail for US$199.95. Bose will start shipping in mid-January, and black is currently the only color choice.

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