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Boring Company CEO Elon Musk intends to build freight 12-foot tunnels

Boring Company

In the past few years, Elon Musk’s Boring Company has struggled to gain traction with its commuter tunnels. Musk is now ready to pivot. Bloomberg reports that the company has gained access to a pitch deck for freight-oriented tunnels with a diameter of 21 feet, which is nearly twice as wide as the firm’s 12-foot tunnels. 

Documents show that they would be wide enough to accommodate two shipping containers side-by-side, rather than just one as in existing tunnels.

In a battery-driven freighter, cargo would sit on moving shelves that are powered by batteries.

CEO Elon Musk intends to build Boring Company freight tunnels

Neither the company nor the county can disclose how many prospective clients it has reached out to, but they did say that California’s San Bernardino County is among them.

According to reports, the Boring Company hopes to increase interest in a freight tunnel that would reduce traffic on nearby roads. Thousands of companies have proposed a “Port Inland” concept over the years.

Boring Company
Boring Company

We would not be launching a new effort here. Boring Company and Virgin Hyperloop have both envisioned freight from day one, and the Company has integrated freight into its plan from the very beginning. The change in focus is more than an about-face, albeit a significant one.

The Company’s commuter plan has been met with a cold reception, leading to the rethink. As a result of a lawsuit over the tunnel’s environmental impact, Musk’s startup abandoned tunnel plans and focused on mass transit and pedestrians early in 2018. 

The Loop has also been found to be less promising than initially expected, or at least it seems that way. According to TechCrunch, the new convention center could only accomodate a maximum of 1,200 people per hour, not the 4,000 The Company had claimed. It’s been difficult for the firm to maintain its initial strategy.

The Boring Company may be able to gain more customers as a result of the larger freight tunnels, including commuters who might have been apprehensive about the commuter passages.

Despite this, Musk’s company may have to be careful about its costs, according to the company’s executive director Tom Groark. The Company is creating a new type of tunnel at a fraction of the cost of existing to make those corridors workable, tunnels could use a number of unconventional strategies.

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