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Bitcoin is the best Investment in a Decade


When we say goodbye to the 2010s, it’s time to look back on the best time in ten years. You may have read about top apps, games, and technologies, but what about the best investment? Not surprisingly, it’s Bitcoin, and if you bought it for $ 1 a decade ago, it would now be worth more than $ 90,000.

According to the latest report from Bank of America Securities (via CNN Business), those who buy virtual currencies for less than a cent at the beginning of a decade will see their investments soar.

In December 2017, Bitcoin reached a peak of nearly $ 20,000, which was a bad time for PC gamers, who saw graphics card prices rise, and as people built mining equipment, their availability declined. But just a year later, the price was as low as $ 3,200.

Bitcoin has picked up in the past year, and at some point, its surge has driven AMD’s stock price up, although it has fallen back slightly, but is now valued at about $ 6,600.

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As more and more companies accept Bitcoin as a payment method, and the questionable Facebook Libra further legalizes digital currency in the eyes of skeptics, Bitcoin may see further price increases this year.

The report also lists the worst investments in a decade. These include the kyat (kyat). Myanmar, a country with a predecessor to conflict, means that investing one dollar in the kyat ten years ago is now equivalent to one-tenth of a cent.

In addition, a dollar invested in the Greek stock market in 2010 is now worth only 7 cents, while a US dollar worth of US stock is now worth $ 3.46, an increase of about 250%.

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