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Bird’s anti-skid detection helps to catch up with Ruck’s Scooter Rider

Bird baseread

Don’t even consider using Bird rental scooters for field riding. As the name suggests, the company has revealed a “skid detection” function that can monitor the moment when an electric scooter is running sideways.

If there is a skidding pattern, Bird can be attributed to excessive brake use and another irresponsible ride. It will send a warning message and even prohibit certain users from renting a car.

Bird said that skidding due to simple tire wear will prompt inspections.

These alerts are expected to improve the safety of riders and the community. It will increase your chances of using healthy brakes and tires the next time you ride and should stop mopeds that may hurt others.

Bird baseread

The company is not the only one who found a scooter. For example, Lime uses an accelerometer and speed information to tell you when to ride on the sidewalk. However, unlike its competitors, Bird uses Skid Detection for law enforcement.

If you don’t like scooter services to judge your ride, even if no one has been watching your performance, it may feel bad. However, Bird is clearly betting that more customers will feel at ease knowing that the number of street hooligan riders decreases.

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