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Bird launches a more affordable and foldable Air electric scooter, priced at $599

Bird Electric Scooter

Bird launches a more affordable and foldable Air electric scooter, priced at $599

If high-quality Bird One cannot meet your transportation needs, then Bird will provide more affordable electric scooters in the store. The mobility company has released a customized Bird Air electric scooter for only US$599, but it is expensive.

The foldable design is an obvious selling point, which is meant for urban commuting, but it also has “never discouraged” tires and an aluminum frame. According to reports, this aluminum frame is strong enough to be used in daily use Bear it.

Bird Electric Scooter

You can expect to reach a moderate top speed of 16MPH and can reach a range of 16 miles. Therefore, it is not as durable as a 25-mile train, but it should cover urban travel.

Air is now available in the U.S. through Target and will arrive at Bird’s official store “in the coming days.” International services will start sometime in November.

The new scooter fills a huge gap in Bird’s lineup, and it can be greatly convenient if you want your own two-wheeler instead of renting a car. For Bird, this is also a defense against changes in the world of electric scooters.

Buying a low-cost scooter directly is cheaper than continuing to rent Bird’s machine for regular trips. Air can ensure that Bird will receive at least part of your money, even if you miss future rent.

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