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The Biden administration’s goal is to manufacture 30 GW of offshore wind turbines by 2030

Biden Administration

The Biden administration stated in a plan detailed on Monday (via the New York Times) that it will designate New York Bay in the shallow coastal waters of Long Island and New Jersey as a new priority area for the construction of offshore wind power projects.

The plan also puts forward the goal of building 30,000 megawatts of offshore wind power projects nationwide by 2030. The White House said it will help developers achieve this goal by speeding up the licensing process for the proposed installations and investing $230 million in any ports that support these facilities project.

It will also provide $3 billion in funding through the “Innovative Energy Loan Guarantee Program.”

The White House said on Monday that the plan would avoid 78 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Before this, President Biden is preparing an approximately $3 trillion economic recovery plan that will focus on infrastructure to deal with climate change, which he has formulated as an employment plan.

Officials presented a similar case on Monday, claiming that the deployment of offshore wind power will directly create 44,000 new jobs, such as the construction and installation of turbines, and indirectly create 33,000 new jobs.

Biden Administration
Biden Administration

It will adopt a plan like a plan announced by the Biden administration today, and if the United States has a chance to achieve the president’s goal of decarbonizing the power grid by 2035, it will adopt more similar plans.

The Biden administration referred to the large area of ​​ocean between New York and New Jersey as an offshore wind zone.

According to the Goldman School’s 2035 report (PDF), the Director of the Bureau of Public Policy at the University of Berkley said that to achieve a 90% clean grid, the United States needs to build approximately 70,000 megawatts of new solar and wind power generation each year. The report considers this to be a challenge, but feasible.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a briefing on Monday: “The President is aware that the booming offshore wind energy will drive new jobs and economic opportunities up and down the Atlantic coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific waters.”

Republicans said they were skeptical of Mr. Biden’s promise to provide millions of “green jobs.” They criticized him for suspending new oil and gas leases and revoking the Keystone XL pipeline license because this was the cause of death in the state’s high-paying jobs.

Gina McCarthy, the White House’s national climate adviser, called offshore wind power “an untapped emerging industry” that “will create a pathway to the middle class for people from different backgrounds.”

Last month, the Biden administration took a crucial step by approving the first large-scale offshore wind farm in the United States along with Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts-a project that has been stagnant under the leadership of the Trump administration.

The proposal for 84 large-scale turbines with a generating capacity of 800 megawatts is scheduled to come online in 2023.

Vineyard Wind is one of 13 proposed offshore wind energy projects on the East Coast. According to estimates by the Ministry of the Interior, there will be as many as 2,000 turbines rotating in the Atlantic Ocean by 2030.

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