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Best Smart Watches in 2019

Apple Watch

Best Smart watches are watch-type wearable devices that are gaining popularity regardless of business or private use. There is an image that has become popular since the launch of Apple Watch, but other manufacturers have also released models for various designs and applications. It has become easier to use with enhanced message confirmation at hand and linkage with smartphones.

We will introduce how to choose smart watches and recommended products.

Apple Smart Watch

What is a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is an electronic device designed like a wristwatch with a built-in CPU. There are various models such as those equipped with a touch panel that can be operated by touching the screen, and those with an analog dial clock added with mail and call notifications, health management functions, etc.

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Some smartwatch models have a built-in electronic money chip that can be used to pay for goods at transportation and stores. In addition, functions can be added by adding apps like smartphones.

What you can do with your smartwatch?

“Electronic money” that can be settled by holding your wrist

Smartwatches equipped with electronic money functions can be paid simply by holding the smartwatch over a reader. You can pay without taking out a card or coin from the wallet, so you can check out smoothly.

In addition, since the payment methods that can be used differ depending on the payment function of the smartwatch, let’s check which payment methods are supported by the store as well as the terminal.

Heart rate monitor for sports and daily health management

If you want to measure your heart rate during sports or during normal activities, a smart watch with a built-in sensor is recommended. Calories burned can be calculated and recorded based on the information entered in the activity meter app settings, and the data can be transferred to a smartphone.

Just by wearing a smart watch every day, you can automatically collect the data needed to maintain your health.

Add apps and customize screen display

As with smartphones, you can install various apps on your smartwatch. There are models with customizable dials, which can be designed like analog watches, health care data, and schedules in cases.

There is also a type that has a smart watch function on the band, such as SONY. If the type of rug matches, you can set a general clock, so you can enjoy the smartwatch function while using the watch you have been using for a long time.

How to choose a smartwatch?

Choose a model that matches your smartphone….

“WatchOS” that can be linked with iPhone

Apple Watch

WatchOS is an OS for Apple Watch developed by Apple that sells iPhones and Macs. You can also use the iPhone to check incoming messages, check messages, and use Siri’s voice assistant. Basically, it can be smoothly linked with iOS on iPhone and iPad, and in addition to data linkage with the healthcare application, it is possible to check the push notification of the application and the content of the message on the wrist.

“Wear OS by Google” for Android (Android wear)

Google Watch

wear OS by Google (formerly Android wear) is an OS for smart watches developed by Google that provides Android smartphone OS. Various functions such as Google Assistant, Google Maps, call and message notification, Google Play Music, Google Translate are installed. Many manufacturers sell smartwatches that are compatible with wear OS by Google. The shape of the case is also diverse and can be selected to suit your taste and fashion. In addition, some functions may be restricted, but it is possible to work with an iPhone that has a dedicated application installed.

“Tizen” is convenient to link with Galaxy series

Tizen Smart Watch

Tizen is an OS installed in smart watches such as the Gear series sold by Samsung. By installing the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone, you can also manage apps on your Galaxy device. In addition, various special applications can be added and customized through TIZEN STORE.

Choose by design

“Clock type” that can be used for business

A watch-type smartwatch is equipped with a function that enables data linkage with a smartphone. It is also called a hybrid type, and there are analog and digital displays. Record important incoming call notifications and daily calories burned to link data to your smartphone. There is an advantage that the battery consumption is less than the full-screen LCD digital type.

“Wristband type” convenient for sports and health management

A smart watch with a slender, vertically long shape is a wristband type. Because it can display only the necessary information simply and does not get in the way even if it moves violently, it is perfect for checking the amount of activity during sports. Because of its stylish design, it is sometimes called a smart band.

Check the charging method

Fast Charging Smart Watch

There are several ways to charge your smartwatch. If it is a battery charge type, there are USB, a magnet, and a wireless system. Since it needs to be recharged every few days, it is a good idea to remove it when sleeping. Frequent charging is not required for types that operate on button batteries. It can be used in units of months or years and can be replaced at a watch store or manufacturer when the battery runs out. In addition, the solar-type that is charged with light can reduce the time and effort of charging if it is usually worn.


Recommended smart watch for iPhone users


 Apple Watch Series 5 GPS

Apple Watch Series 5 GPS

This is the 5th generation Apple Watch that can always display the clock. You can check your watch and schedule at any time, so you don’t have to tap the screen or move your arm with Apple Watch. In addition to the heart rate measurement function and GPS, which are convenient for fitness, a digital compass function is installed. You can immediately check the direction at hand during climbing on flat ground or on a mountain. The dial can be customized according to fashion and purpose.

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular

This Apple Watch allows you to send and receive calls and messages without an iPhone by inserting a SIM card. Recommended for those who want to reduce their luggage during workouts such as running and walking. The display area on the screen has been expanded to display characters larger and improve the operability of the touch panel. In addition, the exclusive band is made of leather, rubber, and other materials, and there are plenty of color variations, so you can change it according to your taste and scene.

 Apple Watch Series 3 GPS

The third-generation Apple Watch is a smart watch that works well with iPhone calendars, phone calls, and messages. Apple Watch vibrates and notifies you even when your iPhone is in your bag. You can check urgent requirements, incoming calls, and messages from important people. You can also record various workouts such as hiking and interval training by using the workout app.

Recommended smart watch for Android smartphone users




A smart watch with a metallic bezel and a black band color. The dial uses a full surface organic EL display. Switching between functions such as phone calls and alarms is also a simple operation that simply turns the bezel. Music can be stored up to 4GB, and you can enjoy music with wireless earphones while commuting or exercising. It is also attractive to have a battery for around 3 days, or 5 days in power saving mode.

HUAWEI “WatchGTClassic” 5502440

A sophisticated smart watch reminiscent of a leather belt analog watch. The dial is a full-screen display type with a built-in heart rate monitor and GPS. The battery lasts up to 2 weeks, so it is recommended for those who are looking for a smartwatch with a good battery. It is a smart watch suitable for health management, equipped with a function that measures and plans running plans and actual data, and a function that checks and advises sleep status.

Citizen Eco-Drive BZ1034-52E

Citizen Eco-Drive

A smart watch with a blue sapphire dial, released by watchmaker Citizen. Incoming calls, emails, message apps, etc. are notified by vibration. Furthermore, it is equipped with a “filtering function” that notifies you of important calls by the movement and sound of the hands. The watch can be adjusted from a smartphone to time in 316 cities around the world. In addition, it can be charged with sunlight, and it can be used without charging for up to about one and a half years with a full charge. Perfect for those who tend to forget to connect and charge the cable.



FOSSIL “Hybrid Smart Watch” FTW4015

A classic design smart watch with a leather-type belt and a circular display. Equipped with functions that are useful for workouts such as walking and running, such as GPS and heart rate monitors. You can record distance information and heart rate without holding your smartphone. Equipped with “Wear OS by Google”, it can be used in conjunction with iPhone as well as Android smartphones.

Fitbit “Versa Peach” FB505RGPK-CJK

Fitbit Versa Peach

This is a full-display smartwatch with cute pink color design. An app that checks your health, and records and predicts your physical condition. In addition, it is possible to notify in real-time the data such as yoga and running, recording of sleep depth, calorie consumption, etc. Easily manage regular workouts. This is a smart watch recommended for those who go to the pool with the water-resistance of 50m.


FOSSIL “Hybrid Smart Watch” FTW6016

A slender 18mm type belt with a rounded bezel that shines on a slender arm. The charging cable is magnetic and easy to attach and detach. Boost charging can charge about 80% in 1 hour, so you can quickly power even if you forget to charge. GPS is also built-in, so you can keep track of your walking exercises and measure your steps and calories burned.



A smart watch with a cute design gathered in rose gold color. There is a 5 bar water resistant function, so you can keep it on when cooking or doing laundry. Built-in 4GB memory for storing your favorite music. You can enjoy music during running and commuting. In addition, it is easy to use because it can be switched easily by turning the bezel, and it can be easily changed simply by placing it on a compatible charger using the wireless charging method.


Skagen CONNECTED “SKT1404”

A smart watch with a slender belt and gold pink. Simple and easy to use for both business and private use. Since it operates with a button battery for about 4 months, there is no need to charge it every day. In addition, it has a function that allows you to control the shutter when shooting with a smartphone camera, so it is recommended for people who frequently use group photos and self-timers.

Smart watch recommended for sports and health management


SUUNTO 9 G1 SS050142000

SUUNTO 9 G1 SS050142000

A GPS-equipped smartwatch specializing in sports and training. There are more than 80 sport modes including running, cycling, swimming, etc., and measurement and interval setup are possible in various training. A heart rate monitor that keeps measuring for a maximum of 120 hours and asleep status monitoring function is also recommended, so it is recommended for those who are taking daily health care. Training data can be saved by saving it to the smartwatch or transferring it to a smartphone. A round and stylish design that looks great with sportswear.

Xiaomi “ Amazfit Bip ” HMI-AFB01BK

This is a square watch face watch. The surface of the liquid crystal display is equipped with a “reflective color liquid crystal” that makes the screen clearer as ambient light increases. It is characterized by good visibility even on sunny days with strong sunlight and rainy days in bad weather. The body is only 32g in weight, including the band, making it comfortable to wear. The battery runs continuously for up to 22 hours with the GPS function turned on, and up to 45 days if you keep track of your steps and sleep.

Fitbit charge 3 FB410GMBKCJK

A wristband type of smart watch with a stylish design suitable for training management. In addition to automatically recognizing various exercises such as running and swimming, you can set goals for all 15 types of exercises in exercise mode. When linked with a smartphone, pace checks such as running and cycling using GPS are also possible. Perfect for jogging sensations and those who are training in earnest. With a breathing session function that you can adjust yourself, it’s also useful for intervals and breaks after training.


There are various types and characteristics of a smartwatch. It is important to choose according to the scene and frequently used purpose. For those who often use calls and emails, it is recommended that you use a full-display smartwatch with a large dial. For training purposes, choose the best model, such as searching for a smartwatch with a function that corresponds to the menu you often use.

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