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Best Home Security Wireless Cameras in 2020

Arlo Pro 3

Compared with wired security systems, home security wireless cameras systems have many advantages, such as flexible installation options. Many companies offer different types of wireless security systems. 

The wireless system uses analog DVR. Wireless security cameras provide 24/7 surveillance and need to be plugged in.

On the other hand, wireless systems include specific DVRs and wireless security cameras. These cameras are battery-powered and only start recording when motion is detected.

Both types of systems provide the same standard features as wired systems, including high-definition quality recording, infrared night vision, and motion detection sensors.

They also use DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology to ensure a secure connection while minimizing interference from competing wireless devices.

Arlo Pro 3

Bottom Line with Arlo Pro 3 (Wireless Camera)

First, I would like to like the convenience and flexibility of wireless home surveillance cameras. One of the customer’s favorite products, Arlo Pro 3, is 100% wireless. Its Wi-Fi connection and battery make it easy to install almost anywhere a ladder can reach.

Although you have to pay for cloud video storage on Arlo Pro 3, it is one of the cheaper subscription services at only $2.99 ​​per month. This is an expensive security camera, but I think it is worth the investment.

Tips: In listed and the security camera reviews below, find out which cameras on the list are true wireless cameras, which cameras can be used indoors and outdoors, and what smart features each camera provides as per your requirement and budget.

Buying Decision 

To find the best wireless security camera, we researched price, image quality, reliability, ease of setup, smart features, night vision, and customer satisfaction.

Battery-powered cameras belonging to the wireless category, such as Arlo Pro 3 and Ring Stick Up Cam Battery, received additional praise as the number one wireless security camera this year.

But we can’t give up high-quality cameras like Amcrest 4MP UltraHD, Wyze Cam Pan, and Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor because we have to use the power cord.

Top 5 Best Home Security Wireless Cameras in 2020

The price of wireless security cameras ranges from $20 to over $500, not to mention the cost of cloud storage for all the videos they record. Therefore, there are many factors to consider when choosing the best home security camera that meets your needs.

We have tested dozens of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras and evaluated them in terms of ease of use, functionality, and image quality to come up with a list of cameras that we believe are the best.

(1) Arlo Pro 3: The best wireless camera ever

We’d better choose Arlo Pro 3 because it does not require a power cord and can still outperform the competition. We think Arlo Pro 3 is a great choice for battery cameras, especially if you need a quick setup, multiple cameras, and excellent video quality.

Arlo Pro 3

Compared with the infrared 1080p camera, its 2K video can capture more details, and with the help of infrared night vision and built-in spotlight, it can record clear video at any time of the day. A useful tutorial in the Arlo app makes it very easy to set up. The magnetic wall mount allows you to easily install it anywhere.

The biggest disadvantage of Arlo Pro 3 is that it requires a base station that can only be obtained when buying two or more cameras. This makes it an expensive option, but it can be balanced if you need multiple cameras.


  • 2K Video Resolution 
  • 100% wire-free design 
  • Indoor & outdoor design camera
  • Smart home integration


  • High Price Value 
  • Double camera required to get the base station

(2) Wyze Cam Pan: Best Budget Indoor Camera

This compact Wi-Fi camera can scan the entire room in just three seconds. You can use the “Pan Scan” function to adjust the settings to automatically scan the area that meets your requirements.

Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam Pan’s motion tracking is also cool-if a child or dog runs in the room, the camera will track all movements. (There is no more controversy about who broke the lamp.) Also, you can buy Wyze Cam Pan for under $40.

One of the only things we don’t like is that you need a power cord, which limits placement options.


  • 360 Coverage with Pan Scan 
  • Smart motion tracking
  • Affordable Price 


  • Wired Power Cord
  • Hit & Miss Motion alerts

(3) Ring Stick Up Cam Battery: Wireless Budget option

The Ring Stick Up cam battery has no wires at all, so you have a lot of flexibility when placing it. It costs about $100 and is one of the most affordable security cameras you can use indoors and outdoors.

Ring Cam

Therefore, we believe that Stick Up Cam Battery is best for people who need a budget wireless outdoor camera.

There are reports that the battery life of Ring products is very short some say it can last about a month, and charging the Stick Up Cam is a tedious process because you need to remove the battery every time.

You can buy solar panel accessories so you don’t have to take out the battery often, but it will cost extra money.


  • Indoor & Outdoor Support
  • Motion Activated Sensors
  • Smart home compatibility
  • No power cables


  • Short Battery Life
  • The tedious process to recharge Battery

(4) Reolink Argus 2: Indoor and outdoor Option

We like Reolink Argus 2 because it is as easy to use indoors as it is outdoors. Its starlight night vision function can provide you with a clear image up to 36 feet without any additional ambient light.

Reolink Argus 2

This camera uses rechargeable batteries or solar energy, so it has great flexibility in placement. According to our experience, if you don’t use solar panel accessories, the battery will run out quickly.

It is easy to set up using a mobile application, but the camera sometimes does not have a very stable Wi-Fi connection, which can cause unstable video playback.


  • Built-in Micro-SD Slot
  • Free Video Playback via Reolink app
  • No Base Station
  • Email & Push Notifications


  • Wi-Fi Connection issues
  • No web view 
  • Delays in Motion Detection

(5) Canary Pro: Best Smart Home Camera

Canary Pro combines home security features such as alarms and environmental sensors with smart home security cameras. And don’t let the small, clumsy design fool you.

Canary Pro

Canary is equipped with enough security protection features in this Wi-Fi camera to make it eligible for house insurance discounts from many major insurance companies.

Canary Pro can sense whether the fireplace is not completely used up, or let someone know whether the bathtub is running. However, we hope it has more features in night vision-only about 20 feet can be seen in the dark.


  • Learning tech to adjust your habits
  • Alexa & Google integration
  • Direct connection to emergency services
  • Climate Monitor 


  • Buggy Mobile App
  • Subscription required for some features 
  • Only 20-foots for night vision

Case Study Conclusion

There are many wireless security cameras to choose from, and we hardly know what types of cameras there are. Nevertheless, we still believe that Arlo Pro 3 is an excellent product with a 100% wireless operation.

Its impressive video quality makes it difficult to keep up with the game. Although the price is more expensive than most other cameras, the overall quality of the Arlo Pro 3 helps make up for the price difference.

Are our indoor wireless cameras safe enough?

If your goal is to prevent intruders from intruding, we first recommend that you use outdoor cameras. Outdoor security cameras can deter criminals and provide early warning before someone enters your home.

Although indoor security cameras can usually help people guard against theft after the event, you are more likely to send a thief to run on an outdoor camera.

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