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Best Budget PC Parts in 2020 for Gaming: $400

Only one entry-level computer can be assembled and making it easy to play online games. But with the development of the times, memory and solid-state have become the standard price. Now $400 is enough to assemble a mid-range gaming computer.

Processor and Motherboard

The i3 9100F scatter now has very strong single-core performance, which can reach 4.0Gzh, dual-core and four threads, which can meet the requirements of most games.

intel Core i3

It is worth noting that the core display is castrated and the graphics card needs to be inserted to light up. The motherboard chooses a colorful B365M-HD PRO series with high-cost performance. At present, this set combination is available online at a price of about $115 US.

Memory and Hard Disk

The Memory recommended ADATA memory, XPG 8G 2400Mhz, the price is around $200 US, very stable, and less blue screen.

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The hard disk can be considered a traditional SSD of Toshiba or GALAXY. The 250GB capacity is divided into two areas, one for the system and the other for the game. As for the mechanical keyboard, it can be increased if the budget is sufficient.

Graphics Card

There are two main recommendations for the choice of the graphics card. One is the GTX1650 S series. The performance of this graphics card can already eat chicken with high quality and play large games like GTA 5. It is a piece of cake to deal with various online games of Tencent.

GTX1650 S

Another solution is to increase the budget by a few hundred dollars, starting with a beggar version of the GTX1660 graphics card, the price is about $190 US, the performance is more sufficient, you can play 3A series games with better picture quality.

Power and Chassis

The power supply can consider Huntkey’s Cool King series, which is rated at 400W, and the price is around $30 US, which is slightly more expensive but very reliable. The case is in accordance with international practice. This price is mainly for practicality, so you can choose a case of about $15 US.

Cooling System

For entry-level processors, choose an ordinary heat sink, and you don’t have to think too much about $5 – $7 US.

The configuration of the entire computer is very reasonable. With the Core i3 9100F processor and a GTX1650 S-level graphics card, there is already a good gaming experience. The total budget price is around $400 US.

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