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This weekend is your last chance to back up all of your photos and videos to Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos launched in May 2015. Within the last 5 years, more than 4 trillion photos have been uploaded to the platform. Throughout now, users will upload their photos and videos to the cloud service as a backup – albeit at a slightly lower quality than the original media file – and find peace of mind at no cost.

Pictures of your child’s 1st birthday. Old images of grandparents have been for a protracted time. Videos of your wedding day. If you’ve got tons of digital footage and videos scattered across your various computers and hard drives, you may wish to backup them.

And this memorial day weekend is your last probability to support them with a coveted service, completely free from Google Photos.

At the end of last year, Google announced that the free ride was ending. beginning June 1, every Google Photos user can receive only 15GB of space for storing for free of charge.

Any media that you simply transfer to the service upload the first month of the month that goes above those free 15GB would require a paid subscription plan. Those subscriptions can begin at $ 1.99 per month for 100GB.

This could sound low-cost, however, keep in mind, as you transfer more over time, as photos and videos accumulate, you’ll probably find yourself upgrading to a costlier plan.

However, Google isn’t counting any files you have already uploaded or any photos and videos you upload before June 1 against that new Google Photos quota. If you upload any footage or videos you have taken by June 1, you may not have to pay a penny for storing them in the service.

Sign in to your Google Account and go to “photos.google.com” in your web browser. This can be as straightforward as dragging and dropping your pictures and videos directly onto the page.

You’ll also download the Google Photos mac or computer app and transfer photos from your desktop or laptop whereas doing other work on the computer.

Users may transfer the Google Photos iOS or android app to simply transfer content from their mobile devices and tablets.

An exception to changing Google Photos plans is for existing Google pixel phones. Whereas future versions of Google’s smartphone line will ought to pay for Google picture storage, the current model can still get free unlimited storage at different image quality depending on that phone you have got.

If you do not have a pixel phone from one to five, then get frustrated and take advantage of the three-day holiday weekend. Take the disk drive out of the desk drawer and before you pay, start uploading all of your family photos and videos.

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