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Babylon’s Fall, a coop action game, has released a gameplay trailer

Babylon's Fall

There’s finally a substantial gameplay trailer for Square Enix’s Babylon’s Fall, which was shown at the E3 2021 showcase. Since the game was first announced in 2018, it’s been a while since the company released a trailer. The goal of the game is to scale the tower by working together to overcome challenging dungeons.

Play the co-op game solo, with a friend or with four other players with this PlatinumGames title. Players can also wield magic staffs and bows in the new footage from the fantasy title in addition to the studio’s trademark high-octane melee action.  

Babylon’s Fall

Despite being a live-service title, Babylon’s Fall will offer no additional fees for post-launch game modes. Those interested in registering can also join a closed beta on the official website.

In 2018, Square Enix announced Babylon’s Fall at its E3 conference, where it was confirmed for PS4 and PC. PlatinumGames announced that the game is still in development last year, but very little else has been said about the game, other than another teaser posted over a year later. PlayStation 5 owners can now play the game as well.

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