Apple’s next-generation MacBook Air may be thinner and lighter

Last week, Bloomberg reported that Apple is planning to redesign the MacBook Air. However, this is just a footnote, focusing on some upcoming MacBook Pro laptops. Today, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman provided more detailed information about the next Air update.

The publication claims that it will be thinner and lighter, equipped with the next-generation M1 processor, and will use the same MagSafe charging system for the next MacBook Pro refresh. It is said that the company is considering a smaller screen frame design, which will further reduce the already portable form factor.

The report did not say that laptops may be smaller, thinner, and lighter. Bloomberg pointed out that, however, it will be positioned as an advanced alternative to the current MacBook Air, which will exist as an entry-level product.

MacBook Air baseread

The change in the case will help Apple distinguish the Air and Pro series. The latest MacBook Air is equipped with the company’s new M1 chip, which is similar in appearance to the MacBook Pro.

According to Bloomberg News, the new MacBook Air may come out later this year or in 2022. This means that it may appear after the upgraded MacBook Pros, which will reportedly be available in 14-inch and 16-inch flavors.

Apple also plans to launch a redesign of the iMac later this year, which is an urgent need for multi-function desktops and complements the Mac Pro series.

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