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Apple’s new privacy ad imagines Thanos exiting your stalkers


It is not difficult to understand Apple’s new app tracking transparency feature in iOS 14.5; original estimates suggest that 96% of American users are jumping at the chance to tell their app, “No, you can’t track me on the Internet.” 

Now, Apple is adopting a win with a full-fledged advertising campaign too, which turns the feature into a selling point for the iPhone and furthers efforts to position itself as the only tech company you can trust. And if you ask me, its new ad space is “tracked” to perfection.

Just watch it below the video. Who wouldn’t want to dust Thanos-Snap ad trackers? It’s no surprise that Google is thinking long and hard about following Apple’s leadership with its own anti-tracking feature.

Critics claim that these steps will make the Internet more expensive and hurt small businesses, and they are updating their apps to warn you about it, as well as the idea that if you opt out, Ads may be less relevant.

But it’s a harder sell than the privacy fears that exist these days, and it’s hard to argue with Apple’s idea that users should choose for themselves. The company also launched the privacy “nutrition label” late last year.

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