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Apple’s new ARM-based MacBook Pro will have three advantages and one big problem

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Apple’s confirmation of the transition from Intel-based processors to ARM-based MacBook Pro processors on the entire Mac platform will have an impact on consumers for years or even decades. This year the ARM-based MacBook Pro will be at the forefront of a transformative plan.

It’s right to be excited about this move and its impact on Apple and the industry as a whole, but this shift is not without risks. These are the three aspects that MacOS on an ARM will deliver a danger you need to be aware of.

MacBook will become thinner

Even though the keyboard and screen of this new MacBook Pro are wrapped in aluminum with a glass trackpad and there are not enough ports (does the MacBook have enough ports?), the ARM-based MacBook Pro is still a new design.

Switching to an ARM can well satisfy Apple’s preference for light and light computers. I hope-just like the iPad and iPad Pro-no fans are needed to help cool the laptop.

MacBook Pro 2019




The heat dissipation design will still be important, but with less heat to draw heat away from the core, Apple can pack the MacBook board as densely as the iPad Pro board.

Expect the ARM-powered MacBook to become one of the thinnest MacBooks to date.

MacBook Pro Performance

Compared with Intel-based Macs, the relative performance of ARM processors and Windows 10 on ARM are in doubt (although the initial benchmark test is good for Apple).

We will focus on how MacOS 11 and MacOS 11 are optimized for ARM and how to continue to serve the millions of Intel computers currently in use.

It’s not just raw capabilities that can improve performance. ARM processors should be more efficient in using battery power.

In this way, a laptop computer can comfortably reach twenty hours of battery life when in use. Suppose Apple keeps the same size battery.

16-inch MacBook Pro

It can remain in the current durability window and reduce capacity, which will again help make thinner and lighter machines.

Another aspect where ARM provides better performance is in connectivity, especially LTE. A quick glance at the specifications of many Windows 10 machines in the “Pro” style, you will see the available cellular connections.

It was not found on the MacBook Pro hardware, but on the iPad Pro. Although Apple has not confirmed the specifications of its first consumer-centric ARM machine, it should consider adding LTE support.

Apple’s Attention

Another aspect where ARM provides better performance is connectivity, especially LTE. Take a quick look at the specifications of many “Pro” style Windows 10 machines and you will see the cellular connections available.

I can’t find it on the MacBook Pro hardware, but I can’t find it on the iPad Pro. Although Apple has not confirmed the specifications of its first consumer-centric ARM machine, it should consider adding LTE support.

The reason why Apple migrated the Mac from a powerful standalone computer to a cloud-connected device or assigned more engineers to ARM instead of Intel is unlikely to be a clear answer.

Apple Macbook Pro 15 and 16 inch thickness

But ARM is the future of the Mac platform. Apple does not want to gain the upper hand in this regard.

It not only wants to vigorously promote development but also hopes to promote development in public.

This means that MacOS will get more attention in the next two years, which will bring huge benefits to the platform and will build confidence in the new ARM world.

Big Problem: Danger of the cutting Edge

From a practical point of view, MacOS on an ARM is very new. It may have been tested internally in Cupertino, may run on the developer conversion department, and may be used with external application developers, but when sales begin, there will be major testing of macOS on MacBook Pro hardware and ARM software.

If any product is perfect when it is released, it will be very unusual, even in mature hardware like the iPhone, software errors and unexpected use cases will always appear. After switching to ARM, everything will become very new, and on the verge.

MacBook Pro 16 inch Speaker

If you are not ready to do anything or encounter any damage, the first macOS on ARM hardware may not be for you. Let geekerati test and break everything, and join the second wave later in 2021.

Apple’s decision to migrate the Mac platform to ARM should bring many benefits, many of which will be immediately reflected in the first batch of home laptops sold.

As with any major move to the new architecture, it will be a bit difficult at first. Apple may have eliminated trouble as much as possible during the journey, but the public has a way to go beyond the boundaries.

In the end, this is a good thing because it brings more stability to the platform, but it is not easy to achieve this goal.

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