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Apple’s macOS Monterey is the next version of Apple’s macOS.


Apple’s macOS Monterey – What is the future of Apple after Big Sur? As well as a long overdue visual facelift, last year’s release saw major improvements for core apps like Messages, Safari and Maps.

This month, Apple released macOS Monterey, a further polishing of the desktop operating system. A number of features in iOS 15 are carried over to SharePlay, such as the ability to share music and movies.

Considering the sheer size of the update, it’s not the massive macOS revamp some are expecting – at its heart, it looks as much like OS X as ever – but it will still make life a bit easier for Apple desktop users.

Continuity, Apple’s new user interface that lets you use your keyboard and mouse across Mac and iPad, is one of the most notable new features of macOS Monterey.

The third party app Across has been offering this feature for some time, but historically their setup and use has been complicated. One of Apple’s advantages is that its operating system is capable of performing many configuration tasks.


Universal Control appears to work as advertised, as demonstrated by Apple VP of software Craig Federighi. The iPad, MacBook Pro, and iPad were all easily controlled by a single set of input devices.

As an added bonus, AirPlay to Mac will allow you to cast the iPad’s screen and music to your Apple computer. A way to manage multiple Apple devices more easily. As the name implies, it enables you to work across different devices.

The feature could also simplify collaboration with other Apple users, just like the classic AirPlay feature. You can at least take advantage of the iMac’s excellent speakers by playing tunes on the new device. 

There does not seem to be much of a difference between MacOS Monterey and MacOS Big Sur. As Apple assessed its OS redesign as one of its biggest, last year’s release makes sense.

However, the company still managed to squeeze in some improvements to Safari, such as slimmer tabs and the ability to group tabs together. Apple will bring those tab features to iOS on iPadOS, and Safari extensions will be coming to iOS.

Finally, Apple is working on making automation a bit more user-friendly on macOS Monterey by adding shortcuts. Shortcuts are built into the OS, but you can customize them as well as import Automator actions.

Apple says it will stop supporting Automator over the next few years—bad news for die-hard Mac users, but hopefully good news for more general users who couldn’t figure that tool out.

MacOS Monterey’s developer preview will be available today, followed by a public preview next month. The final release will likely occur this fall, maybe even along with the release of some new MacBooks.

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