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Apple’s hybrid work model isn’t going away

hybrid work model

Apple’s hybrid work model, which is to require employees to work three days a week starting as early as September, is not going away. There will be very few full-time positions that will be fully remote.

As one of the executive vice presidents of retail and people, Deirdre O’Brien said that, “Collaboration in person is important to our culture and future.” “When we look back at our amazing product launches this past year, it is clear that the products and the launch execution are the product of years of planning and execution when we were in the physical office together.”

Apple will continue to use its hybrid work model

Earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook emailed employees to inform them that in the fall they will be required to hybrid work model at the office on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Employees at Apple penned a letter after that announcement saying some had been forced to quit due to the policy, and asked Cook to change his stance.

“Many of us feel forced to choose between being a part of Apple or being able to take care of our families, well-being, and do our best work, without the flexibility that working remotely provides.”

Apple has now essentially denied that request by saying that any decisions regarding remote work will be made “on a case-by-case basis, with any new remote positions needing executive approval.”

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