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Apple’s 512GB Mac Mini M1 returns to the lowest price in history at $800 at Amazon

Mac Mini M1

If your basic storage space is insufficient, now is a good time to buy a Mac mini M1 powered by Apple M1. Immediately after receiving a $ 29.01 coupon at the checkout, Amazon lowered the retail price of compact desktops to an all-time low of $ 800. This is the highest price we’ve seen for a Mac mini since March, and it’s only $ 100 higher than the official price of the 256GB model.

Buy New Apple Mac Mini with Apple M1 Chip at Amazon – $800

In short, the M1 chip can be traded in for the Mac mini; As we saw in recent MacBook reviews, the CPU (with the help of a fast SSD) can easily handle daily tasks. It should also be very quiet, so you don’t have to face avid fans when editing media or watching shows.

Mac Mini
Mac Mini

If you want to avoid other things, this could be an ideal computer. There are some caveats. The M1 Mac mini has no RAM or upgradeable storage, so if you need more content, you may want to put it elsewhere.

Likewise, if you need multiple monitors or a large number of high-speed connections, the two Thunderbolt ports on the back won’t get you excited.

As fast as this machine, it is definitely not your first choice for gaming. However, if you can tolerate these warnings, there is nothing to complain about.

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