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Apple WWDC 2020: 18 Biggest Announcements

MacOS Big Sur

Apple’s WWDC 2020 has not even begun. This is the first time that Apple’s Developer Conference is completely live online, with no live events. In any case, there are some important announcements, including those you might have been looking forward to, and other announcements that may surprise you.

Today is the first day of the Apple Global Developers Conference (or WWDC). As the pandemic continues to spread around the world, this year’s WWDC is completely virtual – including the company’s annual large keynote, which showcases all updates to iOS, macOS, and all other software built inside.

WWDC 2020

Don’t have time to watch the entire live broadcast? The following is a brief overview of all key points, category by category.

Apple details IOS 14, its next major software update

The next version of iOS will be released to developers in preview mode today and is expected to be released publicly sometime in July.

Interface Changes

  • App Library: A new home screen page that will be displayed when you slide over the last page of the application. It automatically sorts and sorts all applications, highlighting the ones you use most.
  • Picture-in-Picture on iPhone: Although the iPad has been able to play picture-in-picture video since iOS 9, it is strange that it is not available on the iPhone. no longer! If you switch applications while playing a video (or having a video chat), it will continue to play in a small box that you can drag on the screen.

IOS 14 Update

  • Messages: You can now pin the most important conversations at the top of the message list, and you can set up notifications on noisy group messages to remind you only when your name is mentioned. Oh, Memojis can now wear a mask.
  • Siri: The Siri interface has been comprehensively improved and can no longer be displayed in full screen, and for speed and privacy considerations, full voice-to-text transcription can be performed on the device.
  • Maps: Apple’s “New Maps” will be launched later this year in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. The map will also soon get cycling routes (originally in New York, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Beijing, and Shanghai).

These road maps should pay attention to things like bicycle lanes and hills, and electric vehicles that take into account factors such as battery life Owner direction and charging position.

  • Widgets: Widgets can now be displayed on the home screen with your application icon instead of being hidden on the “Today” screen.
  • Application clips: small, fast, and lightweight “mini-programs” that pop up on demand without requiring you to manually install anything, for example, when you want to rent a scooter, you can pay instantly. It can be triggered by NFC, QR code, or Safari/message.
  • CarPlay: CarPlay is getting new wallpaper options, as well as some new built-in apps that focus on parking, charging, and ordering food. At the same time, Apple has been working with a few car manufacturers (including BMW) to allow you to use your phone as a key.

iPad OS – Specific

In addition to iOS 14, iPad OS will also have most of the above features, as well as some new tricks.

  • Such as New “universal search”: Apple refreshed the iPad search user interface-no longer full-screen display, now you can more deeply study Keynote, messaging, mail and documents, and other applications.
  • Apple Pencil / Scribble: Handwriting recognition can now be used in any text field, allowing you to quickly take notes without having to put the Pencil down. Now, you can also draw rough shapes (such as stars, octagons, and arrows), and by briefly fixing the pencils in place when you are done drawing, they are automatically converted into more beautiful computer-drawn shapes.

Airpods 2020



  • Automatic device switching: AirPods can now automatically switch between multiple devices. When playing a video on an iPad, you will hear audio from AirPods; if there is a call on your iPhone, AirPods can automatically switch accordingly.
  • Spatial audio: Simulated surround sound, only compatible with AirPods Pro. They use AirPod’s built-in accelerometer to think about things like your head position so that the audio looks like it is “fixed” in the real world around you.

Apple Watch

  • Face sharing: Set up your Apple Watch the way you like? You can share the current watch face settings with others via message, mail, or Safari. If the recipient’s person does not have the necessary application/complication, they will be shown how to obtain it.
  • Each application has multiple complexities: each application on watchOS can now provide a variety of different dial complexity, not just one for each application.
  • Cycling route
  • Sleep tracking: Watch can now automatically detect your sleep time, record data, and help you track your sleep schedule.
  • Hand washing detection: relevant! Apple Watch can detect when you wash your hands, use the accelerometer to find related actions, and use the microphone to listen to the sound of scrubbing. When it detects that you are scrubbing, it can automatically start the countdown timer to ensure that you have completed a full 20 seconds.

Homekit Apple


  • Adaptive lighting: Homekit can now automatically adjust the brightness/temperature of connected smart bulbs throughout the day, allowing cooler lights to be used during working hours and lowering the temperature when needed.
  • Active area: If a security camera is set up via HomeKit, it is now possible to limit the alarm to only a specific part of the video stream-the motion alarm is only issued when someone enters the yard, for example, instead of the alarm every time the car passes Just in the frame.
  • Face recognition: Homekit-enabled doorbell cameras can now recognize known faces and let you know who is at the door through Homepod/AppleTV notifications.

Privacy Changes

  • Approximate location: Want an app to get a general idea of ​​your location, but don’t fully know your location? Now you can grant apps access to your approximate location instead of pinpointing the location.
  • Simplified privacy policy: App developers must now provide simplified “highlights” to illustrate user data that they track and/or share with third parties. Now, these summaries will be displayed before downloading them to the iOS/macOS app store.
  • Microphone/camera indicator: Although it may not be as good as a dedicated hardware light when the application is accessing your microphone or camera, iOS will now display an indicator on the screen.

The new processor on Mac

The New Mac Processoer Design

For several months, there have been rumors that Apple has switched from Intel to custom ARM-based CPUs in internal design because it has done many years of work in the iPhone/iPad/Watch series of products. The company said it will bring “new performance” while consuming less power and allow products such as Apple’s Secure Enclave to enter the Mac. The iOS app will be able to run on Mac!

Although developers need to update their applications to run locally on the new chipset, Apple said that most developers should be able to run these things in just a few days. At the same time, “Rosetta 2” in Big Sur will automatically and transparently translate existing applications for compatibility.

The macOS Big Sur

The next version of macOS will be called “Big Sur” and will make some adjustments to make it look and feel more like iOS (for example, the rounded square icon in the built-in App Suite).

MacOS Big Sur

  • Control Center: macOS draws on the idea of ​​iOS, now there will be a drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen, you can click to access the display brightness, volume, dark mode, WiFi control, etc.
  • Notification Center: The notification center has been cleaned up, and notifications widgets can be merged into a unified view, and it is easier to clear a large number of notifications at once.
  • New maps: The maps on macOS have been redesigned to support indoor maps, guides, favorite locations, etc.
  • Safari: Safari can now monitor your saved passwords to find passwords that may be compromised. At the same time, the “Privacy Report” button breaks down known information about what data is being tracked by the website you are currently visiting.
  • Overhauled extensions: Safari’s outdated extension system is being updated, with an emphasis on communicating/restricting data that developers can access. If the extension request performs functions such as access to access history, the extension can be granted for a limited time (only on specific sites or on all sites).

Dramatic change. For hardware, this is a huge change, releasing Apple’s efforts in component manufacturing, rather than being closely linked with Intel’s progress, but this is also a huge change in the field of software.

Apple makes it possible to run applications based on Intel applications and applications from other environments (such as Linux) on the new Mac. Besides, thanks to the use of custom hardware, it can even run iPhone and iPad applications, to say the least.

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