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Apple will pay $113 million to solve the latest iPhone “Batterygate” problem

Apple BatteryGate

Apple will soon reap the benefits due to the uproar of the iPhone “Batterygate“. As reported by The Washington Post (via The Verge), Apple has reached a settlement agreement in which Apple will pay a total of US$113 million to its 34 states to decide that it will quietly throttle the iPhone 6S and other models of processors to prevent accidents related to the battery shut down.

Before the completion of the Batterygate transaction, Apple has reached a settlement agreement of up to $500 million since the beginning of 2020.

The agreement does not require Apple to admit any wrongdoing, but the Arizona Attorney General’s Office stated that the company will have to provide “true” iPhone battery health, performance, and power management information.

Apple BatteryGate

  • Apple will settle another “Battery Door” lawsuit with “$113 million”.
  • The 34-state agreement was reached in early 2020 with a settlement of $500 million.
  • Whether you have money is another matter.

This does not change the status quo in many ways. Apple confirmed that it will restrict devices such as the iPhone 6S in December 2017 and temporarily reduce the discounted price for battery replacement to $29 to help those affected.

It released an update in early 2018 that not only explains the health of the battery but also provides users with the option to disable throttling if they are willing to risk shutting down.

As before, Batterygate’s outrage did not lack publicity like Apple but focused on throttling itself. Although Apple said it is limiting the battery of the iPhone 6S and other models to extend the life of the hardware.

It has not properly notified customers-there are concerns that Apple may slow down the iPhone to upgrade it earlier. Regardless of the real motivation, when buying enough batteries, some customers seem to have bought new phones.

Don’t expect to receive money soon. Apple filed a claim against the iPhone Batterygate settlement for the first time in July alone. If the court finds it unfair, the settlement can be amended at a hearing on December 4.

States are more likely to be paid first, and any compensation to users should be obtained later. However, for Apple and other mobile phone manufacturers who want to control their devices, this can still be another lesson-they will want to be as transparent as possible.

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