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Apple will not force WordPress apps to offer in-app purchases

Apple Company

Apple has given up its strategy of using WordPress, it is trying to force-free iOS apps to offer in-app purchases and reduce it by 30%. According to The Verge, Apple decided to allow the WordPress application to continue to be used on the App Store without forcing in-app purchases.

In a statement to The Verge, Apple said: “We think the problem with the WordPress application has been resolved.” “Because the developer removed the display of its service payment options from the application, it is now a free standalone application. , There is no need to provide in-app purchases. We have notified the developers and we apologize for any confusion.”

This week, when WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg tweeted that his application was locked out of the App Store, the problem was not exposed until it allowed in-app purchases of domain registrations.

Apple Company

The latest version of the WordPress application is completely free. Although WordPress does provide some paid services through its desktop platform, such as domain name registration, these paid services cannot be purchased through the application.

Apple’s statement on this matter is rather strange because it implies that WordPress removed paid purchases from the app, which is why it can be reused in the App Store-but it seems that WordPress never intended to include paid purchases in the app Until Apple tried to force them to go.

Despite this, Mullenweg seemed satisfied with the results, writing on Twitter: “I am very grateful to the people at Apple for reviewing @WordPressiOS. And tell us that we can continue to update the app without implementing in-app purchases.

For Apple, imposing restrictions on popular free apps is a bad choice, which is commonly used by many people and companies to manage their blogs, especially considering the current focus on antitrust matters related to Apple & whether Apple’s behavior is fair. Third-party developers’ applications are available through their App Store.

Recently, when the developer Epic Games announced that its very popular mobile game Fortnite was removed from the App Store and was no longer available for download on iOS devices, the conflict with the App Store application ended in a deadlock.

The problem is that Epic allows players to make purchases through the app, but not through the official App Store in-app purchase system, thus avoiding Apple’s method of cutting payments. Legal action is now being taken between the two companies.

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