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Apple vendors are the latest victims of a $ 50 million ransomware hack

MacBook Air

The ransomware organization REvil has found a new target. Bleeping Computer and Bloomberg threatened Apple when MacBook retailer tech group Quanta refused to pay $ 50 million after the system was compromised.

The attacker exposed Apple’s spring event efforts following a MacBook design component leak in March and said Qanta would not pay until April 27.

If Quanta doesn’t pay on time, REvil will ramp up the process to $ 100 million. It is unclear how much this actually is, but claims to have “all LAN data” from a contract manufacturer.

Apple MacBook Air 2019

In a Bloomberg statement, Quanta confirmed the attack on “small number” servers and said it was related to data protection and law enforcement.

The company did not announce that it would pay the ransom but added that it would not have a “no material impact” business impact. Apple declined to comment.

A team of hackers targeted the Travelex money transfer service in early 2020 and recently attempted to steal $ 50 million from Acer in a similar ransom campaign. He also attacked companies such as Astelflash and Pierre Fabre, for more than $ 25 million.

High demands could be a negotiating tactic, say Bleeping Computer researchers: accepting lower payments could still cost REvil a big loss.

Whether Apple or Quanta admit it, the incident demonstrates the growing ambition of the Blush group. In addition to reputable companies, they pay the ransom to the city government, otherwise, the organization will pay millions of dollars or try to do serious harm. Also, don’t expect criminals to get caught right away.

In addition to protecting trucks (for example, working on the dark web), they regularly attack hackers targeting Russia (such as REvil) or foreign companies in other countries that do not always target me.

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