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Apple to allow Parler to return to Apple Store


Apple will allow Parler to return to its App Store, according to an initial letter reported by CNN on Monday in a letter to Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rep. Ken Buck (R -CO), Apple said that “The term has provided an update of its application as well as the possibility of creating content” that will make the application comply with Store rules.

Parler has now been asked to return as soon as the app was launched in the store in January, Apple and Google removed Parler, a social media app that did not change, following allegations that the app’s users encouraged its violence before and after a pro-trumpet the crowds stormed the US Capitol.

Before its ban, Apple requested that Parler remove hate and violent content from the app within 24 hours of being in the App Store. Parler did not make any changes and removed it on January 9.

A few days later, Amazon removed Parler with similar death threats. As a result, Amazon Parler was almost completely shut down until the site found an alternative web server. After the salon closed, CEO John Mates was fired from the company and then lost all of his shares. The Parler is looking for a new web host and will be back online in February.


Apple’s decision to revive the Parler came a few days before Apple presented its App Store testimony to Congress. Google will also send witnesses to testify at Wednesday’s trial. The Parler is currently not for sale on the Google Play store, and on Monday, Google said in a statement that it found no changes similar to the ones Apple shared with Apple.

A Google spokesman said on Monday. “As I said in January, the Parler welcomes you to the Play Store as soon as you submit an application that meets the requirements.”

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