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Apple this week: iOS 15 may abandon support for older iPhones and Mini-LED iPads

IOS 15

In this week’s Apple News, we heard some rumors about iOS 15 (the 2021 version of the iPhone operating system). According to reports, Apple may not distribute iOS 15 to the two currently supported iPhones. Please continue reading below to see if your product meets the requirements.

In other news from Apple, we heard a lot of news about M1-driven Mac PCs, and this news is now popular in the wild. We have also heard that the future of Intel-based Macs may not be over, the ability to run Windows on M1-based Macs, and a lot of rumors about the iPad in 2021.

For all the latest information, see the Apple News summary below.

Major news reports from Apple in the past week:

  • iOS 15 may obsolete two older iPhone models: Apple has a long history, and even the oldest phones will still be updated with the latest version of iOS. However, it does need to remove some older models from the list in each new iteration. According to reports, next year’s iOS 15 may abandon the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and the original iPhone SE. The 6S model dropped in 2015 and the iPhone SE dropped in 2016, so these phones work well.

IOS 15

  • There may also be OLED iPads and rumored Mini-LED models: We have heard a lot of rumors about Apple’s plans to use Mini-LED technology in some of its future products. However, there are now rumors that the future iPad Pro will be equipped with Mini-LED models and OLED models. The OLED rumor is a new one because we expect Apple to switch from LCD panels to Mini-LEDs that do not use OLED at all. We need to wait to see if we can succeed.
  • Speaking of the iPad, a 5G model may be in development: It shouldn’t be surprising that news this week is that Apple may be developing a new high-end iPad Pro model that will support mmWave 5G. It may be the rumored iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch Mini-LED display. If it is true, it will be an expensive iPad.
  • M1 Mac users say that Bluetooth is a big problem: Nowadays, Mac PCs using M1 in the real world are ubiquitous, and we are beginning to have a better understanding of their performance. Unfortunately, it seems that the Bluetooth performance on the M1-powered system is very poor because many users from all over the world have a poor connection as the main problem. Mac Mini users seem to be the most affected group.
  • The developers proved that Windows can be used on the M1 chip: Alexander Graf recently virtualized the Arm version of Windows on the M1 Mac PC. It turns out that Microsoft did not prevent the M1 system from providing Boot Camp-style Windows support. Microsoft is actually doing this, which is consistent with what Apple claimed a few days ago.
  • More Intel MacBooks are still on the way: if the novelty of the M1 chip makes you nervous, don’t worry. The reliable leaker “L0vetodream” said that there may still be a new Intel-based MacBook by 2021. These Intel machines will be sold together with M1 machines so that users who are concerned about the old program can still upgrade to a new laptop or PC. However, in the end, Intel support will cease, and Arm-based Macs will be the only option-maybe, not next year.
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