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Apple says the old Magic Keyboard is ‘functionally compatible’ with the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but warns of incomplete fit

Magic Keyboard

Apple’s upcoming 2021 12.9-inch iPad pro – in an effort to feature an M1 processor and a new mini LED display – will work with the 2020 version of the 12.9-inch Magic Keyboard Case in spite of everything. however, this isn’t actually in any respect.

The first-generation old  Magic Keyboard (version number A1998) can be “functionally well suited” with the up-to-date iPad pro, in keeping with a newly brought word inside the Apple help report (spouted with the aid of Chris Ball on Twitter). but due to the slightly thicker dimensions of the new 12.9-inch version (that’s 0.5 mm thicker than the 2020 model), Apple has warned that “it is viable that the Magic Keyboard does not match properly when became off, mainly when screen protectors observe. ”

Magic Keyboard
Magic Keyboard

While the antique old Magic Keyboard will nevertheless work, evidently Apple is making an attempt to inspire clients to buy the new case, which has greater room to deal with the thicker tablets.

But for the reason that the Old Magic Keyboard accent for the 12.9-inch iPad pro expenses $ 349, with quite a little time seeing that its launch, it’s easy to see that the owner of the older version may be very probably to shell out Why had been now not excited. For the new accent, mainly whilst thinking about the brand new 12.9-inch iPad Pro model at a starting charge of $ 1,099.

Apple nowadays updated the file with an explanation (and in an advance copy of the identical report from the previous week does now not encompass compatibility statistics).

The Verge formerly said that the new 12.9-inch iPad pro might not be well suited with the antique case, however, it seems that Apple has decided that it’s going to work narrowly.

While all of this confusion applies to larger, 12.9-inch iPad pro hardware. The 11-inch version (which isn’t always getting a new mini LED display and features the equal measurements as the 2020 version) remains fully like-minded with the 2020 version of its Magic Keyboard accessory.

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