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Apple Releases iOS iPadOS 13.4 with Touchpad

Apple started to push iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 to iPhone / iPad users. The most significant update on the iPad user side is the addition of touchpad and mouse support, allowing you to use your tablet in a more notebook-like mode, and even includes touchpad gestures.

Apple naturally takes the combination of iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard as the first consideration, but other iPads can also have corresponding peripheral devices.

In addition to trackpad and mouse support, iOS / iPadOS 13.4 also brings many other updates. You can now finally share iCloud Drive folders (this is a feature published on WWDC last year), you can package iOS and Mac apps for purchase, and third-party navigation apps can also work with CarPlay, not necessarily using Apple Maps.


In individual app sections, Mail updated the key configuration to prevent you from deleting letters by mistake, while the TV app added data throttling options to reduce bandwidth and storage usage.

Of course, the new Memoji stickers are also indispensable, but the strange thing is that the CarKey API that appeared in the beta test version before has disappeared.

Apple TV, Mac, and Apple Watch users also have corresponding updates, but the content is far less rich than iOS / iPadOS. It may be worth mentioning that the Apple Watch now supports in-app purchases and brings ECG support to Chile, New Zealand, and Turkey.

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