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Apple Released Officially iOS 13.3.1 Update Operating System

IOS 13.3.1

Apple released iOS 13.3.1 / iPadOS 13.3.1 official version update, more than a month has passed since the last official version update. IOS 13.3.1, which was launched on January 29, is likely to solve this problem.

Apple officially launched iOS 13.3.1. The update description mainly fixes bugs and improves system stability. These include issues such as “photo editing delay“, “Facetime default ultra wide-angle“, “WIFI network may not push notifications“, etc.

iOS 13.3.1 / iPadOS 13.3.1 includes bug fixes and improvements. In this update, Apple integrated the switch of the U1 chip into the positioning service and gave the user control of the function instead of forcibly opening and not closing.

IOS 13.3.1

The reason for this is that in addition to the few use cases mentioned above, the actual reason is more for privacy considerations-yes, U1 can also be linked to privacy and security issues. After iOS 13 turned off the positioning service, the U1 chip ’s ultra-broadband technology would still work normally, and the user ’s location privacy would not be guaranteed.

Therefore, some users suggested that Apple provide a switch to turn off the U1 chip and turn the mobile phone positioning completely off.

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            When iPhone 11 runs the official version of iOS 13.3.1, the overall endurance performance is comparable to the official version of iOS 13.3 and iOS 13.1.2. Since the iPhone 11 series is built with iOS 13, the battery life is based on our series of test data.

The performance is in the “poor” level in the entire iOS 13 system, and the gap is obvious from iOS 13.2.3. After completing continuous testing, the remaining power gap is as high as 8 percentage points. The battery life gap of 8 percentage points is 1 in actual use in more than hours.

ios 13.3.1 new update version

In iOS 13.2 not long ago, Apple added the Deep Fusion camera learning function. The mobile phone combined multiple photos through the AI ​​engine and machine learning to improve the detailed performance and overall picture quality of the photos.

But because the AI ​​engine requires the support of A13 Bionic, Deep Fusion can only be used in the iPhone 11 series for the time being.

Some netizens who are using iPhone X devices said: After updating the iOS 13.3.1 version, the signal strength of the cellular network is really too strong! The biggest advantage of iOS13 is that it makes the phone smoother.

You know, the biggest advantage of Apple phones is the fluency and closedness of the iOS system. Many iPhone6S and iPhoneSE users have said that after upgrading to iOS13.3.1, the fluency has improved significantly.

iPhone users

However, netizens who are using the iPhone XS have said that no matter whether it is mobile phone signal strength, WiFi network notification, or battery life, even after upgrading to the iOS 13.3.1 version, they have noticed that there has been a significant improvement, and it seems that there is no change overall same.

In general, iOS 13.3.1 is worth upgrading. Finally, I would like to mention that unless the major version number is very stable, try to update the minor version, which is mainly for fixing bugs.

It is important to know that for users using Intel baseband, the signal problem has always been flawed. However, after upgrading to iOS 13.3.1, many iPhone X, iPhone11, and iPhoneXS users said that the signal has improved a lot, the problem of 4G interruption has been solved, and the WiFi connection speed has also increased.

In general, iOS 13 has stabilized, but if you expect brighter new feature updates, it is estimated that the new iOS 14 will be released, and there should be a more substantial update experience. It is recommended to update a system, but everyone is better backed up to prevent problems.


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