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Apple Released Deep Fusion Camera for iPhone 11 and Pro in Beta Version

New Apple iPhone 11 Base Read

Apple Released Deep Fusion Camera for iPhone 11 and Pro in Beta Version

 Apple Deep Fusion Camera is a photography system as a part of Apple’s newest developer beta version of IOS 13.2 beta 1 as per Apple announced for iPhone 11 and Pro version. Deep Fusion Camera is a new technology program that able to combines several different photos taken before and after you press the shutter button.

Deep fusion should give result in vastly improved camera performance using standard HDR imaging, especially in images with very complicated textures like skin, clothing and many more.

New Apple iPhone 11 Base Read

Deep Fusion is a fascinating trick and new image processing pipeline for medium-light images that the computational process brings out to the next logical frontier. And Apple also has been blending output from the wide and telephoto lenses to provide the best result for previous iPhones.

Due to The Verge and TechCrunch, Deep Fusion is available in the latest developer beta version of IOS 13.

The Deep Fusion will be an invisible feature to the end-user. The feature will always be running when you’re using the ultra-wide camera. Deep fusion will work with iPhone 11’s and 11 Pro Max’s wide camera and wide telephoto cameras but this new feature will not support the wide-angle camera.

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How Deep Fusion technology work?

  • The camera shoots a ‘short’ frame, negative EV value. It is just a dark image and it will pull sharpness from the frame then shoots 3 regular EV0 photos and ‘long’ EV + frame, and after that, it will registers alignment and blends those together.
  • This process takes two photos (12 MP and 24 MP worth of data) and those photos are combined into one single photo with 12MP results. The combination is done by using four (4) separate neural networks.
  • The combination process is done by a pixel-by-pixel basis.
  • Finally, the system pulls the structure and tonality from one image or based on the ratios and the overall result is done.
  • According to Apple “Final results in better skin transitions, better clothing detail and better at the edges of moving subjects.”

If you want to take a bunch of shots, you most jump immediately into the camera roll, you will see a proxy image while deep fusion runs in the background but deep fusion won’t work in burst mode. Notice that burst mode itself has been deemphasized throughout the camera app in IOS 13.

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