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Apple Podcasts launches subscribers to apps

The significant change in the Apple Podcasts business. The company began subscribing to the Apple Podcasts app. At today’s spring event, the company announced that you can subscribe to in-app content for additional benefits such as additional ad-free content and early access. Available in 170 regions and countries next month.

The first partners were Pushkin Industries, QCODE, and NPR. Content creators must pay $ 19.99 per year to offer a subscription.

Apple gets 30% of sales in the first year of a customer’s life and 15% the next year. In other words, podcasters gave 30% of their sales to Apple after their customers signed up for just one year. Podcasters are encouraged to retain subscribers for longer.

Apple Podcasts
Apple Podcasts

Podcasters should download their subscription content through the Apple backend, not through RSS or a hosting provider. However, regular feeds still work through RSS. Because subscription content is streamed through Apple, podcasters also do not receive certain paid listener data, such as email address, name, and contact information. Apple basically has such a relationship.

The app has been redesigned as a channel where users can find new content selected by their favorite creators. These channels contain exclusive Apple Podcasts images, titles, and descriptions, some promoting free content and some being paid.

Launched in 2019, Luminary’s podcast subscription app is its first channel partner. The company announced today that users of the Apple Podcasts and Luminary apps can subscribe to the Luminary Show. The Athletic seems to have a similar relationship.

Another new feature is the Smart Play button, which allows listeners to start the last episode or episode of a series from the beginning of the series. Listeners can also save downloadable individual episodes for offline viewing.

Overall, Apple seems to be more interested in developers using the platform to reach listeners. There is widespread speculation that Apple will launch a subscription service to promote its original content on TV Plus and Book Content Friends.

Now Apple wants to be able to make money from the same podcaster without investing in its own program. This allows Apple to compete directly with platforms like Patreon that make their podcasters stand out. However, Patreon accounts for up to 12% of subscription sales. Therefore, it is unlikely that a successful podcaster would simply convert the model to an Apple podcast.

Spotify is also interested in helping developers make money and make money, and ultimately be able to compete with Apple for exclusive developer content. Otherwise, the podcaster will have to manage subscriptions to other apps.

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