Apple plans to replace AirPods Pro’s flower buds with crackling ANC issues


The AirPods Pro service plan will replace the affected devices for up to two years after they are sold. Sometimes, Apple will find a serious problem, enough to start a program to repair or replace a problem in its products, today, Apple announced the service program for AirPods Pro.

According to the notice, in devices manufactured before October this year, “a small number of AirPods Pro may experience sound problems.”

Apple did not point out the cause of the problem, but the affected device may have crackling or static sound problems.

When there are other external noises, the sound will increase, otherwise, the active noise cancellation function will not work properly.

Apple Airbuds

The affected AirPods Pro may exhibit one or more of the following behaviors:

  • In a noisy environment, the hoarse or static sound will be made when exercising or making a call.
  • The active noise reduction function does not work properly, such as loss of bass, or increased background sounds, such as street or airplane noise.

Last year, our review department encountered no problems, but when we asked our readers what they thought of Apple’s high-end earbuds, some of you reported these exact symptoms.

Yianni pointed out in June: “The problem is that when you are in noise cancellation mode, the hoarse voices you make when talking are very annoying and will get worse over time.”

Apple’s repair program does not extend the AirPods Pro warranty but instead covers the replacement of one or two buds (if necessary) within two years of their first sale.

If you encounter a problem, please contact Apple Support, Apple Store, or an authorized service provider so that they can check it. If a defect is found, replace the affected earplug.

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