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Apple May Choose Samsung’s New Touch Integrated OLED Panel

Apple New Phone

If it can be believed, Apple may choose Samsung’s new touch-integrated OLED panels from Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant and its competitors in the smartphone field. This technology is new and does not require the addition of a layer or film as a touch screen panel.

By providing capacity for the display panel you use on your smart device. The biggest gains overall are the thinner display panels, thinner phones, and lighter devices. Also, consider cost savings.

The Proprietary Technology of Samsung Display

Samsung owns this technology and calls it “Y-Octa” core technology. “Y” stands for “Youm” and refers to flexible AMOLED. The technology consists of introducing a touch function in the panel production process, and the finished panel can absorb the function and can function like any ordinary display panel using touch screen technology.

Apple New Phone

As we all know, Apple devices (especially iPhone) are more sensitive to human touch, and millions of users who use Apple devices find that any other device is slower to respond. At least they will feel that their fingers must be used longer on the screen.

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With that in mind, Samsung is said to have developed a new technology for the Apple phone and has already discussed with Cupertino’s headquarters to supply these innovative OLED display panels, and may even have reached a supply agreement, according to ETnews report.

Apple’s iPhone is not new to Samsung’s OLED displays. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max released this year are equipped with Apple’s exclusive OLED panels purchased from Samsung. Until now, another South Korean giant LG has begun to produce OLED panels for Apple.

But with the new touch-integrated OLED display panel, Samsung will maintain a monopoly in this area. It has occupied a huge share of more than 97% of the OLED display market.

But from Apple’s point of view, if it successfully installs the new touch-integrated OLED display on the next batch of iPhones, It can reduce the thickness and weight of the phone and pass on the total cost savings to the customer. It may deny the high price of its iPhone.

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