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Apple may Bring real new home screen gadgets on iOS 14

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According to 9to5Mac reported that Apple is developing real widgets on the iPhone and iPad home screen for the first time in iOS 14. iOS has built-in widgets for many years, but they all exist on a separate screen. For example take the iPhone on the left side of the main screen, instead of the Android system. You can directly on the main screen It is arranged together with the icon of the app.

Parker’s concept images a “SpringKit” framework for developers to use when creating widgets for the iPhone home screen. During this scenario, developers could choose from three different sorts of home screen gadget views for their applications.

  • A classic still icon.
  • A new live icon which will show data or buttons.
  • A full-size widget.

iOS 14

In addition to the discovery of 9to5Mac, a Twitter user named Dongle found that the desktop setting of iOS 14 may also be related to it. The “home screen appearance” item has been added to the tablecloth appearance here, allowing you to blur, darken or flatten the tablecloth, perhaps to prevent the home screen gadget from being too flowery background Disturbed design.

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Based on Apple’s habits, the gadget’s elasticity may not be very large at the initial launch, and it is difficult to imagine that it will have diversity as Android. But the main screen of iOS has not been struck for years. Even if you just add a simple gadget, it can make people feel that they have finally changed a little!

If this new strategy to the widget hits iOS 14, it might go some way towards courting users who feel that iOS ‘home screen interface has been pretty much unchanged for years.

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