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Apple is giving a laser company that builds a number of its AR tech $410 million

laser company

Apple has announced that it’s awarding Pennsylvania-based totally optical technology company II-IV with $410 million from its superior production Fund. Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted that the organization’s tech facilitates the strength of Apple’s FaceID, Memoji, and Portrait Mode.

The company also manufactures lasers used within the LIDAR scanner discovered in the iPhone 12 pro and iPad pro, technology that Apple touts as key to augmented truth experiences.

Finisar, which became later received via II-VI (pronounced “two-six”) received $390 million from Apple’s fund back in 2017.

While this present-day investment probably indicates that Apple intends to maintain FaceID (that is powered by II-IV’s vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers) around for a while, it can also be any other sign pointing to Apple’s destiny with AR and VR.

Tim Cook has publicly said that he believes AR is “seriously important” to Apple’s future, and II-IV manufactures devices that assist computers to see the world in 3-D.

laser company
laser company

The money may want to assist develop an extra advanced model of the technology already discovered on Apple devices, probably for the rumored combined reality headset.

II-IV’s CEO says in Apple’s press launch that the partnership with Apple “units the stage for a new wave of breakthrough technology that we accept as true with will permit a wide range of packages that will advantage our world for many years to come.”

The press release states that II-IV will use the funds to expand manufacturing ability, create jobs, and “accelerate delivery of future components for iPhone.”

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