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Apple iPhone 11 – Product Review

iPhone 11 Phone Design

Apple iPhone 11 – Product Review

Apple also start skipped flashy extras things from in year’s smartphones, but the iPhone 11 is the first-class mid-tier model from the Apple ever made.It’s an incredible smartphone, with one of the high-quality cameras and you haven’t ever seen on a smartphone from Apple with wonderful battery life and also Apple additionally dropped the price as well.

                   +++ Good +++  

  • Improved Excellent Battery Life
  • Excellent Cameras (Night mode and ultra wide-angle)
  • Fantastic Video Camera
  • Faster Speed
  • Lower Price


            —-Bad —– 

  • No USB-C port
  • No OLED Display
  • The Pro phone have a faster 18-watt charger but iPhone doesn’t
  • IOS 13 is buggy
  • Only Pro models get the 2X telephoto
  • The Ultra-wide-angle camera doesn’t add Night Mode

The iPhone 11 is basically an S update to last year’s very popular iPhone XR because it is the lower-price device from Apple. The iPhone 11 looks exactly the same from the front design and with same 6.1 inch 720p LCD display with fanny rounded corners and also the same aluminum body.

The iPhone 11 lacks a number of the hardware and software features of the pro line, however numerous reviewers blogger mentioned that the line between the 11 and the 11 pro has blurred even greater this year. That’s why this will probably be the iPhone that is the excellent choice for most clients this season.

iPhone 11 Phone Design

There nothing more changes but design has been made slightly change and the another biggest feature is the water resistance is a little better features, and Apple says the glass on front and back is a little stronger than previous phones.

The whole design remains a little surfboard only but however if you’re looking or planning to upgrade from an iPhone SE this new iPhone 11 is going to feel huge difference.

The most eye-catching feature is change by Apple in new iPhone is to the imaging capabilities: with 12 MP sensors at the rear camera means now you can take wider-angle snaps alongside the main pictures which is this the biggest new upgrade from Apple.

The night mode is the most brilliant part of the iPhone 11 imaging excellent, bringing brightness and readability to impossibly darkness scenes, and the Portrait mode, refocusing the background, is stepped forward on the new iPhone as well.

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The display of iPhone 11 is bright enough and responds well under the finger, with bright daylight all overall performance excellent like watching movie and video streaming playback is very well.

Apple’s done a awesome job with those new features, including a really serious camera improvements and there’s an amazing purpose why the company named its greater expensive and fancier phones “Pro” this year because it has to do with price Tag from Apple. Apple’s focused on the $699 (£729, AU$1,199) for iPhone 11 because the phone for maximum of you, within the equal mold.

iPhone 11 Battery Life

There’s no fast charger within the box with the iPhone 11, that is without a doubt a price-saving flow because the iPhone 11 pro and pro Max both have an 18W charger inside the box, which powers up the iPhone 11 far more unexpectedly than the usual USB plug it comes with.

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The usage of the standard, slower charger from the iPhone 11 box, after 20 minutes it had gained 10%, and quite much carried on that ‘1% each minutes rhythm until completely charged.To get a in large part-complete battery in under an hour is excellent, and we suggest you upgrade to a fast charger whilst you buy the phone.

If we’re recommending matters, keep in mind that the iPhone 11 supports wireless charging too, so getting yourself a wireless pad for domestic and for work will see you not often with battery anxiety once more – it’s a worthwhile investment, although the charging is slower.

New Camera

Apple’s been making fantastic strides in camera exceptional, but so have many different smartphone makers. The camera arms race is some thing that hardcore photographers have a look at carefully, but you might argue it is gone way past what most people need.

ihpone 11 Cameara

You’ve located iPhone photos to be truly excellent for years, however no longer constantly as true as what a pro camera may want to supply. alternatively, iPhone video has come to be so remarkable that it may be used as a stand-in for some professional cameras.

However in terms of these camera improvements, this year we’re talking approximately a brand new ultra wide-angle camera and a night Mode for low-light images being the two key enhancements inside the iPhone 11.

  • Night Mode 
  • Ultra-wide-angle = Drama Camera  

Night Mode: The HDR-like experience of the photographs keeps some of the night effects, however at other times the snap shots can turn out to be looking like day. Night Mode may be turned off by tapping the icon and sliding the timer off, however up to now it is been an development in nearly every instance.

it is no longer a really perfect device: faces can get blurred, detail may be misplaced. The night Mode effects work the equal on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro, however the pro additionally gets a telephoto camera which can use it.


You can not use night Mode on the ultra wide-angle mode, although – That camera finally ends up looking plenty darker, and it does not have optical photograph stabilization, either but that’s true on all this year’s models from Apple.

Ultra-wide-angle = Drama Camera: Absolutely, it can make for stunning shots. Ultra wide cameras are any other new trend across smartphone cameras. Apple promises a few greater advantages here. The iPhone 11 gets an improved ultra wide-angle Portrait mode. All the phones get an expanded-view viewfinder that now previews what’s outside the shot, which let you realize while to use the ultra wide lens.

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