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Apple TV 4K

Apple Introduces New Apple TV 4K

Apple is introducing the new Apple TV streaming box, which will replace the 2017 Apple TV 4K. The new models retain the old model name but have a more powerful A12 Bionic chip for playing HDR video at higher frame rates. It’s also powerful enough to support Dolby Vision playback at 60fps on a compatible iPhone via AirPlay.

The best Apple mod in four years, the older Apple TV 4K supports 4K and HDR streaming, including Dolby Vision. It also supports the Dolby Atmos audio codec. However, the 120Hz refresh rate is not supported. This can be important if you want to play serious games on your Apple TV. It also has the worst remote control capabilities.

Thankfully, Apple has completely redesigned the new Apple TV 4K remote to enhance its design and add ergonomic features. The new remote is thicker than the previous model and is not the original dangerous touch panel, it has a new 5-way touch controller and a suitable on/off button to turn off the TV. The Siri search button has been moved under the right thumb on the side of the remote.

Apple TV 4K
Apple TV 4K

Apple has not yet redesigned the Apple TV itself. This is a squirrel-shaped disc that should be placed on a shelf or entertainment center, unlike the electronic keys used by many of Apple’s competitors today.

A new feature allows Apple TV to adjust the color of the TV screen using the iPhone’s ambient light sensor. Apple said it is working with multiple content providers including Fox Sports, NBCUniversal, Paramount Plus, Red Bull TV, and Canal Plus to create high-frame HDR content for the new Apple TV.

The new Apple TV 4K starts at $ 179 with 32GB of storage and is expected to launch on April 30th. The 64GB model is also available for $ 199. Apple also sells an older 1080p HD Apple TV and a new $ 149 remote.

All of these prices are much higher than those of Apple such as Amazon, Google, and Roku. Apple is again demanding a high premium for people who pay for the performance and ecosystem of set-top boxes.

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