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Apple Card will provide interest-free installments for iPad and Macs

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According to reports, Apple Card owners will soon be able to purchase Apple products such as iPods and Macs through interest-free installments.

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to launch new Apple Card features in the coming weeks. The service is expected to attract more customers to apply for the Apple Card while increasing sales of Apple products by making it easier to pay.

According to sources, the Apple Card will allow cardholders to share the cost of Apple products within a few months without paying additional fees, similar to the 24-month interest-free iPhone installment plan launched in December.

Benefits of Apple Cards 

They claim that the purchase of the iPad and its keyboard, Mac and XDR Display and Apple Pencil may require a 12-month plan, while AirPods, Apple TV, and HomePods will provide a 6-month plan.

Customers will manage the interest-free installment payments through the “Apple Card” section of the e-wallet application, which will be included in the Apple Card’s monthly bill. The source said that education discounts may apply to this service.

Benefits of Apple Cards

Apple Card can be used as a credit card, and people can apply directly from the iPhone. Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs as the issuing bank and with MasterCard to support its global payment network.

Apple Card users affected by COVID-19 can extend their June payments without incurring interest

Once approved, the Apple Card can use Apple Pay within minutes. Successful applicants will also receive titanium cards that can be used elsewhere.

Apple cardholders enjoy up to 3% cashback and have the security and privacy features tied to customers’ iPhones. As more time passes, Apple Card is also constantly improving. For example, there are rumors that there will be an interest-free installment plan for more Apple products.

Source: Bloomberg

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