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Apple Card users affected by COVID-19 can extend their June payments without incurring interest

Apple Credit Card

Apple’s COVID-19 customer support program for Apple Card users has been extended for another month.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple Card customers can sign up for the plan and postpone payments made in June without incurring any interest, which marks the third time Apple and Goldman Sachs have allowed such postponement due to the COVID-19 outbreak Months.

Apple Credit Card

Apple said in an email to Apple Card users about its statement: “We understand that the COVID-19 situation poses a unique challenge for everyone, and some customers may have difficulty paying monthly.”

As long as Apple Card customers join the COVID-19 customer assistance program, as long as they are negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic, they can postpone the June payment without incurring any interest charges.

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To sign up for the Apple Card’s COVID-19 customer support program, open the Wallet app, and click on your Apple Card. Now click on the three-dot menu and select the message prompt icon to start the chat. Finally, send a message saying that you want to register the program.

In response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Apple and Goldman Sachs allow customers to skip their Apple Card payments without incurring interest charges. Apple card holders should receive an email announcing the “Customer Assistance Program”… Apple and Goldman Sachs once again announced the extension of the Apple Card Customer Assistance Program, allowing users to skip payments in June without penalty. Learn how to join the customer support program here.

We understand that the COVID-19 situation poses a unique challenge for everyone, and some customers may have difficulty paying monthly. If you need help, click here to connect to Apple Card Support via message and register for our customer support program, which allows you to skip the June payment without incurring interest. If you have previously registered for the customer support program, you will need to register again.

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