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Apex Legends Mobile is available in beta this month

apex legends

We haven’t heard of the mobile version of Apex Legends in a while, but we’ll see it soon. EA announced that it will release a local beta of the game later this month. The publisher originally stated that the game is only available to thousands of players in India and the Philippines, but plans to launch it in other countries later this year.

The company also provided some of the first details about the game. Most importantly, this is not a port of Apex Legends, but a new version for smartphones.

Chad Grenier, Director of Apex Legends, said: “Apex Legends Mobile is specifically designed for touchscreens, and with a sleek panel and meticulous customization, you can play challenging Battle Royale battles over the phone.”

This also means that cross-play or cross-progression is not counted. Like the PC and console versions of the game, Apex Legends is free for mobile devices.

This type of mobile-only derivatives is becoming more and more popular in large-scale multiplayer games. Riot recently released a smartphone version of the game, Wild Rift, League of Legends, but Psyonix is doing something akin to swiping the Rocket League side.

apex legends
apex legends

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games in the world, with over 1 billion downloads in the past few years.

The main version of Apex Legend just hit a new milestone of 100 million players, and the game was expanded to Nintendo Switch last month.

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