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Anonymous hackers threatened to “expose many crimes of the Minneapolis police”


After the death of George Floyd on May 25, an anonymous activist group (Anonymous) appeared to criticize the Minneapolis Police Department.

As widespread civil unrest escalated, loosely contacted hackers posted a video threatening the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD), which will “disclose your many crimes to the world.”

Now, these threats seem to have come to life. The website claiming that MPD has been offline on Saturday (May 30) and the problem persisted all night.

Visiting the site today (Sunday) requires users to complete a verification code to ensure that they are not automated robots orchestrating DDoS attacks.


Anonymous did not claim to shut down the site but claimed that accounts affiliated with the organization did forward the news that the site was closed.

Considering the way of the anonymous organization-the loose relationship of hackers, only a self-styled member can participate in the attack to make it look under its banner.

Anonymous: Donald Trump and Naomi Campbell participate in the Epstein Network

The anonymous video was posted on the organization ’s Facebook page on May 28 and has been viewed nearly 2 million times. It is a montage of news shots and narration with subtitles and carries a trademark electronic voice.

The narrator said that MPD has a “horrible record of violence and corruption”, claiming that the killing of George Floyd was “just the tip of the iceberg”. The video continues to claim that these hackers took action after “countless” MPDs were killed in recent years.

The anonymous narrator said: “Sadly, in the vast majority of police officers killed, the only person who survived to tell this story was the person who killed the person.” “This mockery has been going on for too long … now, people, Enough is enough.

Self-protected members initiate and coordinate areas of activity through the umbrella agenda. Therefore, it would be wrong to describe it as an over-organized attack.

In other words, if some members of the group are responsible for shutting down the MPD website, it indicates that a powerful botnet has been used in the short term.

In recent years, anonymous organizations have shifted the focus of media attention to other radical organizations-a large number of arrests and the increase in other reasons have proven this.

Today, the organization is more loosely affiliated with hackers than before, and the organization makes it more difficult for law enforcement agencies to track personal networks.

The media coverage of George Floyd’s death and everything that has happened since then clearly coincide with these anonymous umbrella themes.

As Ian Thorton-Trump, the chief information security officer of Cyjax, put it, “any such protest will become an instant global movement on global TV and social media screens”, which makes It becomes an ideal choice for radical organizations no matter how to lose the organization. “The real question is, will protests be different online or offline, will we see changes?”

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