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Anonymous: Donald Trump and Naomi Campbell participate in the Epstein Network

Naomi Campbell

The anonymous person kept his promise after threatening the United States and revealed to those involved in the Epstein network: Donald Trump, Naomi Campbell, Chris Evans, and so on.

Last night, the anonymous organization of online activists posed a threat to the US government after the death of George Floyd, because according to the hacking group, if the government is not capable of justice, they will be the US government. They will begin to expose all the crimes hidden by the American coalition.

A few hours after the anonymous video was broadcast on the Internet, online activists revealed the relationship between well-known figures and Jeffrey Epstein ’s child trafficking network, including Ivanka and Ivana Trump, Naomi Campbell, and others stood out. , Chris Evans (BBC host, not “Amazing” actor), Mick Jagger, and Will Smith, to name a few.

Naomi Campbell

A list containing hundreds of names is uploaded through a file on its social network under the name “Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book”, which includes all the people who attended the party organized by Jeffrey Epstein Or those who helped him “recruit” the children. ”

President Trump said that after extensive protests, he designated Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization

It is worth mentioning that the case of Jeffrey Epstein is one of the most infamous cases in the United States. Its impact is so great that Netflix decided to release a documentary about it because After proving his guilt, the businessman decided to kill himself, although, of course, some people claimed that he did not commit suicide, but murdered him because of all possible information.

Anonymous direct threat to Donald Trump

Despite the names Ivanka and Ivana Trump on the list, online activist groups pose a direct threat to US President Donald Trump, Donald Trump In addition to appearing on the above list, Donald Trump was also accused of raping minors.

He also has a record of organized crime, which is why he was blackmailed by Russia because they have all the necessary evidence Deal with him.

Besides, Anonymous also deleted the Minneapolis Police website. They also invaded the Chicago Police Radio Station to copy “Fuck the Police” and subjected the royal family to the murder of Princess Diana, noting that if the police continued to die for George’s death Arresting demonstrators, Freud did not arrest real criminals, so more secrets will continue to appear.

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