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Android Fast pairing UI, used to update the headset set to iOS

Depending on the earbuds, the setup may be simple, just place the Bluetooth accessory near the Android phone. Google has updated Fast Pair in recent weeks to make it available after iOS.

Since “Fast Pairing” was launched in 2017, the process started with a standard notification that included thumbnails of the devices in question. When it appears at the top of the screen, tap to initiate pairing, and then provide confirmation.

Google adjusted the settings experience so that it now has a high-foot board that slides up from the bottom. The name of the device is centered at the top, while the larger picture and the “Connect” button are displayed at the bottom. After pairing via Bluetooth, you can choose to continue “Settings” or “Close”.

The new Fast Pair design for Android was quietly launched in November (or earlier), and it has done a lot after iOS and AirPods. This method has obvious advantages because matching new accessories should be very important. Compared to notifications, you are less likely to miss or swipe the bottom page.

At the same time, Google has improved its experience. This UI will be displayed the first time you use your phone to set up a new quick pairing accessory. Android still uses compact notifications to record the battery status of each item (earbuds and protective cases), while Apple chooses to display the entire table to show the percentage.

Smaller alerts can also be used to re-pair accessories, especially on phones and tablets that are already logged into your Google account.

With the Pixel Buds launched earlier this year, Google introduced many related features, including “find my device” integration, low battery alert, and button customization.

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