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Android 10 update for Xiaomi Mi A3 Rolled out once again

Xiaomi Mi A3

The smartphone maker Xiaomi has rolled out once again the Android 10 update for the third time for its smartphone Xiaomi Mi A3 launched last year on 8 April. However, the company has once again slammed the Xiaomi Mi A3 users.

This time also its Android 10 update has been rolled back. The Android 10 update was first rolled out in February 2020 for the latest smartphone from the company’s series with the Android One platform. But, it was rolled back soon after the update was rolled out.

After downloading and installing the Android 10 update that rolled out in February 2020, users faced several bugs. Because of that reason the company rolled back its update and rolled out again in March. Once the bugs were fixed with the update once again, the company rolled it back for users.Xiaomi Mi A3

During January-February in China, there was a big problem due to Coronavirus’s stable update. However, the update was later rolled out, which again revealed several bugs. Which was the main reason the company rolled it back again for Android 10 update for Xiaomi Mi A3 mid-range high selling phone product form Xiaomi?

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On April 8th of this month, the company has once again rolled out an Android 10 update for this smartphone. After downloading the new stable update, users are now facing bugs such as access battery drain, random reboots, scanner, camera shutter delay, user interface lag, etc.

By facing so many problems, the company has once again rolled back its update. In such a situation, the users of this smartphone have once again been disappointed.

As we all know that Xiaomi Mi A3 was launched by the company last year. This smartphone itself changes in display feature compared to its first variant Mi A2. The Mi A Series is considered to be the company’s most popular mid-range series.

The main reason is that it is the only series of the company that comes with the stock Android operating system. The Xiaomi Mi A series mainly uses AMOLED display but the LCD screen has been used in the Mi A3 launched last year.

The phone comes with a 48MP triple rear camera sensor. Apart from this, it comes in the mid-range with many special features including an in-display fingerprint sensor. Overall, This phone looks great as well as better performance for gamers and photographers.

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