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Android 10 is now available for Moto G7 Power

Android 10

Although Moto G7 Power launched the basic “spot” Android in 2019, it took some time to update it to Android 10. Considering how light the Moto skin is for Android, you can imagine that it is not difficult to transplant or keep the device. Although in addition to adjusting the Google version, there are many other functions.

However, after waiting, Moto G7 Power is now receiving stable Android 10 updates. The only drawback is the first deployment in Brazil, and it is expected that there will be more regions soon via XDA.

Android 10

With the widespread popularity in Brazil, you will often see Motorola “soak test” the major operating system upgrades, then solve all the problems and tangles, and then promote it worldwide. This time, the Moto G7 Power update looks like a direct upgrade, there is no beta version, and there is no “soak test”.

It not only brings a complete Android 10 suite, such as dark mode and gestures but also adds a security patch for April 2020. Motorola Brazil’s official Twitter account confirmed that this is a phased launch and expects greater availability in the coming weeks. As for global deployment, it was not clear from the beginning, but we are sure that localization is happening.

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