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An automated telegram bot is selling Facebook account phone numbers

A cybercrime forum is allegedly selling access to a database that reportedly contains the private information of 500 million users. Motherboard reports that the database stores data extracted from Facebook more than two years ago, which contains people’s phone numbers.

It added that the potential stalker could then use an automated bot to messaging app Telegram, enabling hackers to look up these numbers to associate them with identities. Access is sold per search, and the cost of a search is $20, although you can buy up to 10,000 search credits in bulk at a time.

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The report says that it has self-tested the robot and found that it can identify the number of users who choose to keep their phone numbers private. It is said that Facebook has confirmed that the data breach is real and involves a security issue, which was resolved in August 2019.

It added that it had tested the system and found that the current Facebook ID was not found in the leak. But this does mean that if your phone number is tied to Facebook’s database before August 2019, your details may be sold.

Users should be alert to the surge in spam and keep the data in their account as little as possible.

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