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Amazon’s new CEO plans to Root in Game Development

Amazon's New CEO Andy Jassy baseread

According to reports, the upcoming Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is committed to the company’s idea of ​​continuing to make games, even if the company has not yet released commercially or critically successful games.

He wrote in an email obtained by Bloomberg: “Some companies start to take off in the first year, while others take many years.” “Although we have not achieved sustained success with Amazon Game Studios, I believe if we Keep going, we will.”

It is said that Jassy sent an email one day before Amazon announced that he would take over as CEO of the company after Jeff Bezos leaves later this year.

Amazon's New CEO Andy Jassy baseread

For some other reasons, the timing of the news is important. At the end of January, Bloomberg published a report detailing some of the failures of Amazon Game Studios to narrow down the lack of experience of its director Mike Frazzini, who had never played games before taking office.

The email message also appeared in the same week that Google announced the closure of its internal Stadia game studio.

Given that Amazon spends billions of dollars to develop its own games, there is little to do, so it’s hard to blame Jassy for wanting to give up.

After he takes over as CEO, his views on the prospects of Amazon’s gaming will largely depend on the performance of the upcoming MMO. After multiple delays, “New World” is currently scheduled to be launched sometime this spring.

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