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Amazon’s Echo Buds: Introducing Echo Buds

Echo Buds

Amazon’s Echo Buds: Introducing Echo Buds

Amazon announced the Amazon’s Echo Buds, an earbud that integrates with the voice interface Alexa. It features a noise reduction technology of Boss. Ecobird seems to work like any other Alexa device. The user can command or ask eBrad’s Alexa. The difference is that you can access Alexa on the go while away from home, and it works entirely with a microphone and speaker, even if you have a smartphone in your pocket.

Echo Buds

Earbuds, in particular, were a category that attracted many third-party companies as the market grew rapidly, and Alexa, which is considered the most competitive voice interface through Echo, was a good material to integrate with earbuds. Nevertheless, Amazon releases its own earbuds. In echoing the case, Echobird could be a threat to other third-party earbuds because Alexa’s sales are higher than Alexa’s third-party speakers.

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Last year, according to a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Alexa’s US smart speaker market share is the number one with 69 percent. Google and Apple dominate the list, but very little. Of course, sales data shows that Google is catching up with Amazon at a rapid pace. However, the current economies and Alexa’s market influence is strong, and the products linked with Alexa are increasing year by year, so the trend will not be easily reversed.

Amazon Echo Buds

The problem is mobile. Google and Apple, which have smartphone platforms, are superior to Amazon in the mobile market. Google’s Google Assistant is close to 36% of Apple’s Siri’s market share in the first half of this year, thanks to the linking of its eco-friendly Google Home and Android smartphones. Alexa’s share is 25%. The share of smart speakers is overwhelming, but the overall voice interface share is falling behind mobile. At the same time, the company could not compete with Apple’s Smart Speaker, so even if Amazon lacked the mobile capability, it could compete with Google, Smart Speaker, and Mobile. So far, the field of earbuds has been left entirely to third parties. Rather, in order to strengthen the speaker market, the company paid more attention to products such as Echo Tap, Echo Dot, and Echo Auto, which are suitable for environments such as automobiles and offices.

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Apple’s AirPods started to have a big impact on the market. AirPods maintain a high market share while reshaping the earbuds market. According to a report by market researcher Counterpoint Research, the earbuds market grew 54% in the second quarter of this year, and AirPods’ global market share was 53%. Compared to the first quarter, sales volume also increased by 37%. The second place is Samsung with an 8% market share. Earlier, Amazon’s earbuds were other markets. At the speed of growth, the flagship smart speakers were much faster, and the earbuds were seen as a simple aid for smartphones. AirPod’s high market share helps Apple maintain its market share. It can be understood as a smart speaker that is plugged into the ear and compared to smart speakers, it is a more personalized product line, which can maximize the role of the voice interface. Apple doesn’t have the smart speaker capability, but it has solidified its mobile with AirPods, becoming a competitor to Google. There is a need for Amazon to respond to mobile.

Introducing Amazon Echo Buds

However, Alexa’s third-party earbuds share less than second-placed Samsung. Even Samsung is not a professional manufacturer dealing only with audio devices, and it was influenced by Galaxy Buds, which was released with the launch of the smartphone Galaxy S 10 in March. The company’s sales are more closely related to the mobile connection and user experience than the traditional audio device maker Alexa. Therefore, if the situation persists, Amazon could hold onto the smart speaker market, but it is likely to lose the personalized voice interface market in the future.

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Apple has a structure that leads to the iPhone, Apple Car, and Apple TV at home. Also, depending on which device you connect your AirPods too, you can always connect to speakers and microphones. Clearly, Amazon is more eco-friendly than Apple’s expectation for Apple TV and AirPlay 2. But greater access to Alexa is limited to the home. Passionate Alexa consumers use Alexa on their smartphones, but they aren’t as accessible as iPhones or Android smartphones.

Amazon chose Ecobird as a way to solve this problem. EcoBird is not intended to suggest standards to third-party manufacturers like Google’s Nexus. Positioning to sell and increase market share. EcoBird is $ 129 cheaper than AirPods. It also provides the boss’s noise isolation. It is executed by a simple action called double-tap and blocks most external sounds. It helps to keep noises off when you listen to music or allow Alexa to read the news, and to keep it off when you are walking or exercising on a daily basis. According to TechRadar’s hands-on review, the sound quality couldn’t be properly evaluated at the event, but the sound was balanced, and the noise isolation wasn’t as powerful as competitors like Sony, but it was attractive considering the price point. It’s not the best product, but it offers a lower price, complied price and features than the competition.

Echo Buds from Amazon

This is similar to Amazon’s past tablet strategy. Amazon has launched an inexpensive Fire Tablet, a lossy hardware structure in response to Apple’s iPad being encroached by the ebook leader Kindle. The Fire tablet was a competitor to the iPad, but not for the iPad buyer. I want a tablet, but the iPad is aimed at the burdensome consumer. The results were excellent, and Fire Tablets made Amazon the # 2 market share for North America.

EcoBird isn’t just for the AirPods. Apple wants to increase its share of Siri by linking its voice interface with features based on its AirPods. Amazon, on the other hand, targets consumers who have already filled their homes with Echo and Alexa connected devices. Compared to a tablet strategy, it is not enough to lose every sale. But it’s not a price point that will make you more profitable than your competitors. What’s important is that when eco users try to access Alexa via mobile, the price of Eco Bird can be relieved if they are concerned about AirPods or third-party Alexa earbuds. In a nutshell, Apple sells Siri based on AirPods, while Amazon sells Ecobird based on Alexa. So unlike Apple, which has to look at Siri, Amazon can move Alexa to mobile faster with eBird.

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If we can move eco customers to ecobird, we expect Amazon to quickly take away pies from other earbuds makers. The issue is that Ecobird users can also use the Google Assistant or Siri built into their smartphones, with the two voice interfaces being linked to the smartphone app. Amazon should support its Ecobird-rich Alexa skills to weaken app connectivity on competing for voice interfaces. You don’t call the Siri News app to listen to the news, but to access the news with Alexa skills. It’s important to see if EcoBird can even put Alexa skills on mobile.

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