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Amazon will use AI Cameras to Monitor Delivery Cars and Drivers

Amazon AI Camera

According to Information reports, Amazon is planning to use AI-equipped cameras to monitor delivery drivers on the route. The “Driveri” camera and software platform provided by Netradyne (yep) can detect and warn drivers of violations of road laws or bad driving habits. It will also collect data, which Amazon can use to evaluate drivers in the future.

Amazon spokesperson Deborah Bass said in a statement: “We are investing in security throughout our operations and recently started rolling out industry-leading camera-based security technology in our transportation fleet.” This technology will provide drivers with real-time alerts to help them stay safe during the journey.”

In an unpublished video about the safety of the last mile by Amazon senior manager Karolina Haraldsdottir, Amazon stated that the company wants to reduce collisions and dangerous driver behavior. To this end, four high-definition cameras continuously record footage of the cab and around the driver.

Amazon AI Camera
Amazon AI Camera

The system does not allow real-time monitoring of the driver but will upload the footage to a dedicated security team for 16 different operations. Illegal road behaviors such as failed parking or speeding trigger audio alerts, such as “distracted driving” or “no parking detected.”

Other actions such as strong braking or seat belt violations will upload material without warning. The driver can also press a button to start recording scenes of incidents such as road rage or the closing of delivery locations.

In the video, Haraldsdottir stated that the platform aims to “build the driving force for success.” But a driver told the “Information newspaper” that the cameras will make the already difficult work more stressful because they will have to worry about “any possible errors that the artificial intelligence may see.”

Amazon’s contract Flex driver must follow Amazon’s demanding work rules, although the company does not directly hire the driver. This means that unlike Uber contractors, drivers who signed a contract with COVID-19 did not get paid when they were forced to stay home. Most importantly, the FTC recently fined Amazon $61.7 million for withholding tips from Flex drivers.

Amazon has used cameras in long-distance trucks to detect distracted driving, and other delivery companies, including UPS, have also tested similar technology. However, as ProPublica recently pointed out, Amazon may add more burden to the driver, while being unable to resolve the condition, that is, the incredibly tight delivery schedule, which will first cause additional risks.

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