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Amazon Prime employees claim gender inequality and workplace harassment

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime – It has been reported that Amazon’s human resources department was informed of women being mistreated within the Prime membership division, including but not limited to harassment and disproportionately affecting men’s careers compared to women’s.

The Insider reported Monday that 11 former and current Prime employees had anonymously accused the team of being discriminatory the previous March, citing a letter to a former head of diversity and inclusion.

Insider says it confirmed the memo’s author’s identity but did not name her – described a culture in which women were often overlooked for promotions, treated as second-class citizens, and oftentimes had their performance evaluated.

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

There were several other instances of apparent institutional inequality at the corporate level within the company, the insider revealed.

Earlier this year, for instance, five women employed by the tech giant filed discrimination lawsuits claiming they were harassed and treated unfairly based on their race and gender. There was no specific time period specified in the anonymous memo for the allegations made in the Insider report.

Female representation on the team has grown in recent years, and improving the representation of women in senior leadership roles remains a top priority, the spokesperson noted. Our leadership team has set ambitious goals to continue Prime’s business growth by developing and promoting women at all levels and focusing on retaining women at the Senior Manager and above levels in 2021 besides inspecting how we hire, develop, and promote employees.

The company pushed back against the claims in a statement to Insider. Several women were promoted within the company’s Amazon Prime membership team in the past year, and a spokesperson told the outlet those women were treated equally to men in these promotions.

I have no doubt that Amazon prime wants to support women, but there can often be a disconnect between what the company says and what we’ve seen historically.

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