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Amazon offers new wellness program to employees, but no extra time to participate

Amazon wants warehouse employees to do so to enhance their health – however they won’t get the extra time to do so.

On Monday, Amazon introduced a well-being initiative aimed toward operations group of workers with a focal point on health education, mindfulness and stretching.

Amazon has been running components of the brand-new software known as Working well since 2019. The company’s purpose is to roll it out to all operations facilities – including fulfillment facilities wherein Amazon employees put together packages for shipment – through the give up of 2021.

Working well is part of a $ 300 million investment to improve worker safety, with the goal of halving the reportable injury rate by the end of the year. The 2020 data obtained by the Center for Investigative Reporting shows that the ever-increasing injury rate at Amazon fulfillment centers is higher than the industry average.


Documents received in 2020 by The Verge display how Amazon automatically tracks worker productivity and downtime, and gets rid of about 10 percentage of its workforce yearly for now no longer assembly productivity standards. Amazon recently suppressed union drives advocating higher working conditions defined by employees as a union-busting strategy.

Many Amazon employees have complained about stricter productivity quotas, with some saying they would have to give up bathroom breaks to meet them.

While employees will not get extra time to do those activities, they’ll be rewarded for participating in it. Amazon said via email that one of the elements that will be considered when assessing an employee’s overall performance is their participation in Working well.

This can encourage employees to apply the sources available to them – or placed another burden on their break time to ensure that they too are productive.

Stretching, mindfulness and meditation can lead to physical and intellectual fitness benefits. But they do not address the underlying purpose of the stress and accidents of Amazon employees, who’re at risk of being fired if the package deal is not handled quickly.

Outside the workplace, Amazon announced that it has partnered with a clinic referred to as Crossover Health to offer primary care for employees.


Amazon already gives health care plans for employees, which range depending on worker status (for example, whether or not they’re full or part-time, and permanent or seasonal). Amazon describes the Crossover Health Partnership as an “affordable” choice that focuses on, among different things, preventive medicine.

Amazon will be looking for staff feedback at the software through a “connect and remark kiosk”. Other components of Working well include “Eatwell”, which includes healthful snacks in the break room and recommendations about healthy eating options.

“Health and Safety Huddles” will deliver employees together for interactive videos and exercises. A new dedicated first resource zone, known as a “wellness center” – vastly unique from a “wellness zone” – will also bring an “injury prevention specialist” to the workplace.

Providing new opportunities for employees and access to healthcare is a step in the proper direction for Amazon. But ultimately, it is a banded, now no longer a cure.

There will sooner or later be a Working well app that will allow employees to access health activities outside the workplace.

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